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tax audit

How to Keep Your Small Business From Getting Audited

It’s the kind of letter or phone call that strikes fear in the hearts of most small-business owners: The IRS is contacting you to audit your income-tax return. There’s no …

computer and taxes

Is Online Sales Tax Inevitable?

The days of selling items tax-free online appear to be coming to an end. The U.S. Senate has approved an amendment to the 2014 federal budget that would require online …

paying a worker

How Much Does an Employee Really Cost?

Considering hiring an employee? It’s going to cost you far more than the salary you agree to pay. In fact, each person you hire could cost you twice that amount …

home office

The Home Office Deduction Is About to Get a Lot Easier

The home-office tax deduction is something that every home-based business owner loves to hate. From the stories about how taking it increases their chances of getting audited to the complex …

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like sand through the hourglass

How Will the IRS Delay in Processing 2012 Tax Returns Affect You?

You’ve probably been following the recent federal tax law changes to determine how they’ll affect your small business. Whatever the financial impact, the IRS recently announced that it won’t start accepting …

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tax forms

In the Trenches: Managing Year-End Forms

A lot of good and bad comes with the end of the year. The good is reflecting back on our performance. The bad is doing all of the tax- and …

computer payroll

Forget Paper Paychecks: Direct Deposit Can Save You Time and Money

Are you still cutting paper checks for employees? Although it may seem easier to stick with procedures you’ve always followed, automating your payroll system can save you hours per week …


What Every Small-Business Owner Should Do Before the Year Ends

Although your mood of late may be moving from motivated to merry, there is much that you — and every small-business owner — should do before the year ends to …

payroll tax changes teaser

Potential Payroll Tax Changes to be Aware of in 2013

A new year means a new round of potential U.S. tax law changes that would impact payroll in 2013. Your main focus is on growing your small business, but not …

tax savings

8 Small Business Tax-Saving Tips for 2012

As we near the end of a tumultuous 12 months with a tug-of-war on tax reform in Congress, many small-business owners are probably wondering what they need to know about their 2012 …


3 Tips for Paying Quarterly Estimated Taxes

For most Americans, April 15 is the big tax deadline each year. But for those who don’t have an employer withholding money from their paychecks — namely, small-business owners — …

tax deductions

8 Small-Business Tax Deductions You Should Know By Now

Small-business owners new to their role are expected to ramp up quickly. They need to have strong leadership skills (even when don’t come naturally), they need to think quickly on …

inc sign

4 Incorporation Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Incorporation can be a smart decision for small businesses as they start to grow. Knowing when and how to do it, however, is sometimes difficult, and the process can be …

tax audit

The Top 5 Tax Mistakes Small Businesses Make

It can be easy to forget about Uncle Sam when you’re in the midst of day-to-day operations, but making tax mistakes can be costly for your small business. To help …


How to Make an IRS Audit Easier for You and Your Accountant

No one likes to be audited by the IRS. Most tax audits, however, are just requests for more information and, as long as you have the appropriate documentation, they can …

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