Tax Tips and News for Your Small Business

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How to Deduct Charitable Contributions Made by Your Small Business

Giving to charity is easy — and can be a great marketing tool. But claiming donations on your taxes is more complicated. If you want to claim a business tax …

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5 Tax Tips for Deducting Travel Expenses

Business travel can be a lot of things: exciting, tiring, profitable, and — if you don’t properly manage your expenses, per the IRS — taxing (in the financial sense). When …

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4 Solutions for Common Small-Business Money Mistakes

Tax season may not be your favorite time of year, but it can provide a catalyst for identifying and addressing any financial missteps you’ve taken over the past year. Here …

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Estimated Tax Payments: Should You Use Annualized Income?

Making estimated tax payments comes with the territory when you strike out on your own. If business is predictable, it’s easy enough to send the IRS a set amount on …

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What Is Nexus and How Does It Affect Your Small Business?

Nexus, also called “sufficient physical presence,” is a legal term that refers to the requirement for companies doing business in a state to collect and pay tax on sales in …

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crafter yarn

5 Tips to Help Artists and Crafters Manage Their Finances

When I started a crafts business 25 years ago, I was focused solely on making art. I didn’t know anything about managing money, and I hoped that the finances would just …

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US Capitol

The Online Sales-Tax Stalemate Continues

The U.S. Supreme Court is refusing to get involved in the ongoing dispute over the collection of sales tax on online purchases. On December 2,2013, the court declined to hear a …

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health care

Calculating Health Insurance Subsidies When You’re Self-Employed

Many small-business owners struggle to obtain high-quality health insurance at affordable prices. The Affordable Care Act promises to change that, with the relaunch of the federal Health Insurance Marketplace. When purchasing …

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7 Tax Breaks for Small Business to Consider for 2013

It’s up to you to keep the appropriate records and take advantage of the available IRS income-tax deductions. There’s a fine line between cheating the system and not cheating yourself. Here’s …

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Preparing Year-End Finances for Seamless Tax Filing

Tax season is right around the corner. Getting your financial house in order now can help you avoid problems later. Here are some key documents to gather as the calendar …

tax surprise

Avoid a Tax-Time Surprise by Planning Ahead

When you work for someone else, your employer generally withholds federal taxes from your paycheck. But when you’re self-employed, paying income tax is completely up to you. If this is …

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5 Keys to a Successful Relationship With Your Tax Accountant

Even if you employ a bookkeeper or an office manager to handle your day-to-day finances, you’ll want to cultivate a strong working relationship with a tax accountant. “The best thing …


How to Get Organized for Filing 1099s

The 2014 tax season is fast approaching, which means small-business owners who pay independent contractors must prepare to file 1099-MISCs. Like W-2s for full-time employees, 1099s for freelancers must be …

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5 Ways Retailers Can Prepare for Sales-Tax Holidays

Unless your store caters to warm-weather activities, you may notice a drop-off in business in the summertime when people go away for vacation and spend less time shopping more time …


Do You Have a Hobby or a Business?

It can take time for entrepreneurs to realize their dreams. Often new ventures are nurtured on the side for years while their owners continue to earn steady paychecks from someone …

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