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5 Ways To Turn A Hobby Into A Business

We all have a passion. For some, it’s a full-time job which you love so much, you wouldn’t dream of ever doing anything else. For others, it’s a hobby that …

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Working On The Side – How To Do It Effectively

Freelancing. Consulting. Outside employment. Moonlighting at a second job. Whatever you call it, working on the side is something many of us do to fuel our passion or just to …

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Top 5 Startup Mistakes

For a small business to succeed today, you need to do everything right. Alas, the road to success is paved with land mines, and avoiding mistakes isn’t easy. The best …

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How To Get Enough Sleep When You’re Running The Show

Being an entrepreneur takes equal portions of talent, focus, balance, and stamina. That’s how I’ve managed to handle hundreds of projects for dozens of clients over the past 15 years …

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Five Types of Business Insurance You Might Need

Running a business is risky, so it’s essential that you protect both your company and personal assets. One important tool is insurance. Here are five types of business insurance worth …

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Young Ambition: How a 13-Year-Old Thinks About Business

Knowing how much passion and gusto it takes to be an entrepreneur, it doesn’t surprise me that a kid can channel the entrepreneurial spirit — after all, kids can be …

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Virtual Companies: How To Compete With The Big Boys

Want to look like a big company to win a sizable client? It’s easier than you think. All you need is the right mindset, some creativity, and the “chutzpah” to …

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Book Pig Lets Kids Pig Out on Books [VIDEO]

You’re likely familiar with the Netflix story, and chances are you have an account with a pile of movies in your queue. But did you know there’s a similar business …

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Pursuing the dream of becoming an “ice cream guy”

Here at Intuit, we regularly visit customers to get a first‐hand account of what challenges small businesses are experiencing both with using Intuit products and with running their business in …

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10 Small Business Trends and Opportunities

This post was also published on Small Business Trends. What are some of the key trends affecting small businesses? And more importantly, what do these trends mean and what kind …

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Finally Open for Business

I can hardly believe Harmony Music Studio has been open for well over a month now. The last few months have been overwhelmingly busy and stressful, but the reward has …

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Building Harmony

Early last month, we announced the winners of our Small Business United Grant Competition. Music teacher Ioana Sherman of Chapel Hill, N.C., was the grand prize winner of a $25,000 business grant. More »

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