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Getting Your Small Business Off the Ground

teacher business

5 Tips for Teachers on Starting a Side Business

With the school year winding down, summer can be a great time for teachers to launch a side business — either to make some extra money over the break or …

adam brownlee

Adam Brownlee on Catching Warren Buffett’s Eye

For many small-business owners, Warren Buffett is a role model for turning an entrepreneurial dream into a wildly successful career. The chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, whose net worth …

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Anthony Soohoo

Digital Media Visionary Says ‘Blindness’ Is Key to Success

Anthony Soohoo has the type of resume most entrepreneurs dream of possessing. The UC Davis grad and Harvard MBA rose to prominence in the digital media industry by first cutting …

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recession business

6 Tips for Starting a Small Business During a Recession

Although it goes against conventional thinking, there are many reasons why you should consider launching a small business during a recession. If you have a great idea and a strong …


South America Lures Silicon Valley Tech Startups

Silicon Valley continues to be a hotbed for technology innovation, but if you want to start a new tech company without spending a fortune on office space and salaries, and …

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5 of the Biggest Risks Small-Business Owners Face

You may be an optimist, but when it comes to running a business it pays to be prepared for worst-case scenarios. According to the Institute for Business & Home Safety, …


5 Ways to Benefit from Bootstrapping

You’ve got the beginnings of what could be a beautiful product, and are anxious to introduce your idea to the market. There’s just one hangup: funding. Or more precisely, the …

2012 growth

The Hottest Industries for Starting a New Business in 2012

Got the entrepreneurial bug? The potential for growth should rank among the critical considerations for any new business venture. That doesn’t necessarily mean you want to become the next GE …

steve dalton

The Top 3 Challenges of Running a Web-Based Company [VIDEO]

Whether you’re a full-time professional seeking a new career path or a part-time hobbyist looking to generate supplemental income, the allure of launching your own web-based company can be immense: …

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mobile business

How Small Business Gets Started… and Keeps Running [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why does someone become a small business owner? And once they become one, how do they spend their time? How does our newly mobile working environment play into that? In …

steve blank

Steve Blank on Launching a Lean Startup

Steve Blank, a retired serial entrepreneur, has had his share of hits and misses: He founded the business software firm Epiphany, which was later acquired for $329 million, and he’s …

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Angel wings

How to Find Your Own Angel Investor

An angel doesn’t need wings and a halo to be your savior — at least insofar as your small business is concerned. “Angel investors,” as wealthy private-equity investors are often …

Chris Mahlmann photo

The Harried Lifestyle of the Small-Business Owner [VIDEO]

The lifestyle of a small-business owner often reads like the plot of a Hollywood blockbuster: There’s boundless action, enduring suspense, and constant drama. Mix in a few laughs, the obligatory …

y combinator logo

4 of America’s Best Startup Incubators

You have a fantastic idea for a business, but not enough cash or connections to get it off the ground. A startup incubator or accelerator may be the ideal solution. …

mission local clip

How to Start a Hyperlocal News Website

Print newspapers may be in a downward spiral, but hyperlocal websites seem to be heating up. Online independent community news sites — West Seattle Blog, The Batavian, and Baristanet, to …

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