Starting a Business

Getting Your Small Business Off the Ground


Preparing to Pitch Your New Invention

Entrepreneurs with inquisitive and lively minds often come up with ideas for inventions, but they don’t always know whether the concept is worth developing — or how to develop it. …

home business

6 Misconceptions About Home-Based Businesses (and Why They Shouldn’t Deter You)

Of the nearly 28 million small businesses in the United States, about half are classified as home-based enterprises. Each started as somebody’s dream and later became a thriving business. Thinking of …


The Trouble with Partnerships

Going into business with a partner can have many benefits. Partners often bring a complementary set of skills to a business that can make it stronger, and you can share …

inc sign

4 Incorporation Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Incorporation can be a smart decision for small businesses as they start to grow. Knowing when and how to do it, however, is sometimes difficult, and the process can be …


The Benefits of Building a Business While in College

Starting a business is a huge undertaking for any entrepreneur. Some of the world’s most successful companies, including FedEx and Microsoft, were started while their founders were in college. Juggling …


5 Resources for Free Business Consulting

Need help setting up or growing your small business, but don’t want to pay big bucks for consulting help? Don’t worry: You can find professional assistance at no cost. Here …

carol tice

Author Carol Tice on What Makes a Great Company

Entrepreneurs often know — based on intuition and experience — that they’re sitting on a great idea, whether it’s tangible (like a clothing line) or intangible (like a groundbreaking service). …

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Franchise Teaser

3 Things to Know about Buying Into a Franchise

Running a small business takes courage and a streak of independence. You either have both, or you don’t. Deciding whether to run your startup as an independent company or as …

Jonathan Moules, FT Staff writer.

‘Rebel Entrepreneur’ Author Jonathan Moules on Breaking the Rules

After profiling hundreds of business owners for the Financial Times, journalist Jonathan Moules (pictured) noticed an interesting trend: The most successful ones are often those who buck conventional wisdom about …

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Avoid These Common Startup Mistakes

Few things are more exciting for budding entrepreneurs than coming up with a great idea for a new business. After all, “great idea” equals “instant profit,” right? Not necessarily. If …

pop up dinner

Pop-Up Restaurants May Be Temporary, But Trend Is Here to Stay

From Seattle to Kansas City to New York, temporary restaurants are popping up all over the U.S., and the trend — unlike the eateries — appears to be here to …

Mitch Gordon

Mitch Gordon on the Challenges of a Student CEO

Mitch Gordon is president and co-founder of, a startup that helps people find academic, volunteer, internship, and other programs abroad. It’s no surprise that he’s putting in long hours …


How to Evolve from an Employee into a Consultant

Many people decide to become entrepreneurs while they’re slogging away for someone else. If you’re passionate about your job — yet would prefer to be your own boss — shifting …

teacher business

5 Tips for Teachers on Starting a Side Business

With the school year winding down, summer can be a great time for teachers to launch a side business — either to make some extra money over the break or …

adam brownlee

Adam Brownlee on Catching Warren Buffett’s Eye

For many small-business owners, Warren Buffett is a role model for turning an entrepreneurial dream into a wildly successful career. The chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, whose net worth …

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