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How Small Business Can Use Facebook, Twitter, and More

annie's John Foraker

How Annie’s Built Its Brand on Natural Ingredients

When it comes to soups, cereals, and crackers, U.S. consumers may choose among dozens of retail products. Most chain grocers stock big-name brands, such as Kraft, Kellogg’s, and Campbell’s. So, …

with brave wings she flies

How Pinterest Drives One Jewelry Designer’s Sales

In just a few months, Pinterest has gone from relative obscurity to surpassing Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube in referral traffic. Pinterest is still used mostly by consumers (particularly women in …

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Why Your Small Business Should Pass on ‘F-Commerce’

Countless small businesses use Facebook for marketing, customer service, hiring, and other purposes. Yet many don’t operate full-fledged e-commerce stores on Facebook. That might be a good thing, one expert …


Tips for Optimizing Your Facebook Business Page for the Timeline View

Have you already switched your business’s Facebook fan page to the Timeline layout? Facebook rolled out the format for personal pages in September, and now the social-networking site plans to …


Why It’s Bad Idea to Check a Job Applicant’s Facebook Profile

The online era arms small-business owners with myriad tools and information for finding and hiring employees. It can be tempting to scope out a potential employee’s social profiles, too. Yet …

linkedin follow button

LinkedIn Launches Follow Company Button for Businesses [VIDEO]

If you’re healthily obsessed with finding followers and fans for your small business, it’s time to add a new tactic to your approach: LinkedIn’s new Follow Company button. The button …

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8 Tips for Reaching Journalists via Twitter

Social media has made it far easier for small businesses to interact with journalists who can help generate publicity and buzz for their brand, products, or services. Twitter in particular …

humphry slocombe founders

For Humphry Slocombe, Twitter is the Cherry on Top of the Ice Cream

How does a local ice cream parlor transcend the plain-vanilla archetype? By not serving plain vanilla, for starters. Sure, purists can find mainstays like chocolate and mint chip on the …

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Twitter Unveils Self-Service Ad Platform for Leaner Budgets

Small businesses have a new suitor for their online advertising dollars: Twitter. The microblogging site recently began unveiling its self-service ad platform for small businesses. Slated to launch in late …

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Should You Use Facebook for Blog Comments?

As more small-business owners attempt to engage customers online, Facebook plugins are emerging as an attractive option for those who want to drive more traffic to their blogs’ comments section …

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How to Use Pinterest for Your Small Business

Pinterest, which markets itself as an “online pinboard,” is the latest tool to consume social-media users. The website’s membership skyrocketed from about 50,000 to more than 7 million unique users …

#1 customer

How to Identify Your Most Influential Customers

You try to be good to all of your customers, but you may want to reserve extra-special treatment for those who talk about your business online. A “peer influence analysis” …

social media sites

How to Develop a Savvy Social Media Strategy for Your Small Business [VIDEO]

Today’s digital media landscape is littered with a dizzying array of social networks, from Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to YouTube, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. So, it should come as no surprise that …

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Free E-Book Shows How 25 People Use Twitter to Their Advantage

“Twitter is a waste of time.” It’s a common assertion, but one that just isn’t true, argues social media addict David Kaufer (pictured). In his free e-book Behind the Tweets: …


Facebook Timeline: More Ways to Craft Your Brand

Although it isn’t yet available for business pages, Facebook’s new graphical user interface for personal profiles offers entrepreneurs a chance to explore the creative possibilities for personal branding as a …

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