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How Small Business Can Use Facebook, Twitter, and More

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Gary Vaynerchuk on The Thank You Economy

In the last five years, Gary Vaynerchuk grew his family wine retail business from $4 million to $60 million. Now, in addition to running Wine Library, starring in Wine Library …

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To Megan Hargroder, Social Media Is All About Conversations

The recession hit many young college graduates especially hard as they were left wondering how and why their anticipated careers and dreams could have vanished so prematurely. Yet, there are …

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Why Blogs Matter for Women

Some 55 million women read blogs monthly and blog use continues to grow, almost at the same pace as social networking, a new report from BlogHer says. BlogHer, a network …

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Could Your Small Business Benefit From Marketing Automation?

One of the great things about technology is that it gives small businesses a wealth of marketing tools which can be easily combined with traditional outreach practices. However, with numerous …

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Beyond Business Cards: Marketing Tools You Need to Succeed

Back in the old days (as in, just a decade ago), all you really needed to promote your business was a stack of business cards and brochures, and maybe a …

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Facebook Apps and How to Protect Your Customers’ Privacy

Facebook games, quizzes and other apps can be good marketing tools. But if you are thinking of creating one for your business, keep in mind the growing chorus of concerns …

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Can You Make Money by Advertising in Social Games?

More than 56 million Americans spend countless hours every week caught up in the virtual worlds of social games like Farmville, FrontierVille, and Restaurant City. So it’s natural to ask: …

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How to Create a Buzz for Your Small Business

Try as they might, there are always more than a few small business owners who simply couldn’t generate a substantial buzz if they hacked at a bee’s nest with a …

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Should You Let Your Employees Play Facebook Games at Work?

In the American workplace, Facebook is the proverbial double-edged sword. In one sense, Facebook has emerged as one of the most efficient, effective, and affordable marketing and customer relations tools …

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Google’s +1 Button May Become Another Social Marketing Tool for Small Business [VIDEO]

Assuming this isn’t another elaborate April Fool’s joke, Google is taking another evolutionary step forward with its user search experience. Thanks to the heralded forthcoming addition of the so-called “+1″ …

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Should You Start a Blog for Your Small Business?

Over one hundred million active blogs are conservatively estimated to exist today. From personal blogs and news blogs to corporate blogs and small business blogs, everybody has something to say …

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Small Businesses Creating More Social Media Jobs

Small business owners are not only accelerating their usage of social media platforms in their online marketing strategies, many are even creating full- and part-time positions dedicated exclusively to online …

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What Does FrontierVille Teach You About Running a Small Business?

When you first log on to from Zynga, the San Francisco digital game giant, the welcome message reads: “Howdy Pardner! Come join us on the frontier, where you’ll carve …

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15 Free Twitter Apps and Tools for Better Small Business Marketing

If you use Twitter for marketing (and you should, or you’re missing a huge opportunity to connect with existing customers, prospective customers, and influencers), then you know there are a …

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Music Marketing Company Terrorbird Media and New Artists See SXSW Opportunity

For emerging bands and musicians, a performance in Austin during South By Southwest (SXSW) can be a once in a lifetime opportunity to grab the attention of hotshot record executives. …

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