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How Small Business Can Use Facebook, Twitter, and More

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Boosting Online Traffic without Google AdWords

Google AdWords can provide great online exposure for some small businesses, but if you’re in an industry with a high cost per click (CPC), the tool may not be worth …

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Looking at Customer Service 2.0 with Gripe and Tello

When customers are upset, they’re not necessarily turning to the Better Business Bureau anymore. With the explosion of social media, many have found that it can be equally effective to …

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7 Great Blogs for Growing Your Business

So you started your business. Now how do you grow it, especially during this recession? By getting good advice and keeping up with trends and events that affect your industry, …

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7 Tools to Measure Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

You’re building your brand online like you’re supposed to. You’ve set up a blog, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn profile and a Facebook page to grow your business and gain …

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How to Use Google+ for Business

Google’s latest innovation, Google+ (indicated by a +1 icon on the web, or simply a + sign), has been released and is already making waves. At the core, Google+ is …

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Marketissimo: Small Business App Helps Companies Improve Marketing

Let’s say you’re working at a startup or a company looking to grow its business. Then let’s say that you need to refine your strategy, build a marketing plan, make …

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“Speak Up” in Social Media and Deepen Customer Interest

Do you feel like your tweets and status updates are futile when it comes to building customer engagement?  If you’re only using text-based content, they may be. According to Twitter, …

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5 Social Media Mistakes for Your Business to Avoid

Nearly half of American adults are on at least one social networking site, according to the latest Pew Research Center data. But in spite of the vast potential audience — …

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5 Ways to Get “Liked” on Facebook

Two years ago, dentist Edward Zuckerberg of Dobb’s Ferry, New York, ramped up his presence on Facebook. (After all, Zuckerberg knows a little about the site, since his son, Mark, …

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Twitter Use Surging: Should Your Business Jump in?

Believe it or not, “Weinergate” isn’t the Twitter trend your business should be following of late. The real news comes from the Pew Research Center, which recently refreshed its data …

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Millennials Look To Be Their Own Boss

More than 80 percent of those born after 1981 — known as Millennials — say that freelancing and being their own boss is a cornerstone of their career strategy, according …

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Small Business Owners Unaware of New Hazards of Social Networking

The apparent simplicity of social media belies the little-considered hazards that frequently imperil — often without just cause — the companies that have largely come to depend on social networking …

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7 Must Have iPad Apps for Small Business Marketing

Little more than one year old, Apple’s groundbreaking iPad has changed the face of mobile marketing forever, particularly among entrepreneurs and small business owners who find increasingly efficient and affordable …

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In the Trenches: Rethinking Our Facebook Strategy

Last December, I wrote about the value of our presence on Facebook saying “if people wanted to find my business on Facebook then I would be stupid not to be …

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Got Questions About Your Website? Ask the Experts at Intuit!

Think your website could be doing more for your business? Or just wondering how to get started with a website? Intuit’s WebAdvisor team helps customers with these questions all the …

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