How Small Businesses Can Raise Money, Get Loans, Get Paid

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How to Keep Divorce From Ruining the Family Business

Divorce often brings out the worst in people, which can be a huge problem when a family business is involved. Protecting yourself and your company while ending your marriage requires …

pay yourself

Salary or Draw? How to Pay Yourself as Business Owner

Congratulations! Your small business has moved beyond the initial startup phase and is now a profitable venture. Although you may have worked for free in the early days, it’s time …

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Improve Your Banking Relationship

Think your small business will need a line of credit or another type of loan in the future? You may want to cultivate a stronger relationship with your banker(s) now. …

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New SBA Program Offers Business Loans to Veterans

The Small Business Administration recently announced the SBA Veteran Pledge Initiative, a new program that aims to increase business loans to military veterans by 5 percent a year for the …

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Expert Advice on Small-Business Lending

You’ve probably read plenty of articles about small-business lending. But what if you could talk to a lender and get inside information that might not appear in the advice columns? …

office space

How to Negotiate a Better Commercial Lease

Among your company’s biggest expenses, your payments for office or retail space probably rank near the top. So, naturally, you’ll want to negotiate the best possible terms [PDF]. Despite what …

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7 Tips for Avoiding Small-Business Legal Potholes

Even the most successful business can be undermined by poor legal arrangements. Failing to plan for the possibility of lawsuits or other problems may come back to bite you at …


How to Accelerate Cash Inflows and Delay Outflows

With lesser reserves and fewer financial alternatives than  corporate competitors, small businesses should prepare for the kinds of fluctuations in revenue that could prompt cash crises. It’s wise to put …

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Businesses React to Threat of Internet Sales Taxes

The Marketplace Fairness Act, which could force many more business owners to collect sales tax on online purchases, recently passed the U.S. Senate. However, the legislation faces an uncertain future …

Tax Time

Get Ready for Next Year’s Tax Return Now

Small-business owners are probably thinking about paying their second quarter estimated taxes right about now, because they’re due on June 17. While you’re at it, why not start getting ready …

pam krank

How to Get a Handle on Your Clients’ Creditworthiness

Being too trusting of your clients will cost you, according to Pam Krank (pictured), president of The Credit Department, a credit-management firm in Minnesota. Service-oriented small businesses that agree to …

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When Should You Sell Your Business?

Every entrepreneur has different reasons for selling a business, but there are better times and conditions than others in which to do so. For instance, selling simply because you’re exhausted …

cash flow

Mastering Cash Flow in Your Small Business

Managing cash flow is critical to keeping your doors open. Much like the blood that courses through your body, cash flows through every area of your organization, nurturing its growth …

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Giving Equity to Recruits and Employees

It’s nearly every small-business owner’s nightmare and dream: to provide key employees with equity. The idea of diluting your ownership may feel somewhat like giving away your firstborn. But when your company’s …

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4 Small-Business Financing Options You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Financing is one of the great conundrums of entrepreneurship: For the first few years, your small business’s income may be uncertain and its credit unestablished, yet you need to invest …

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