How Small Businesses Can Raise Money, Get Loans, Get Paid

project bid

4 Cloud-Based Apps for Creating Bids and Proposals

Anytime you provide prospective clients with a quote or an estimate for a big project or sales order, they’ll likely want to see a breakdown of costs, including materials and …

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QuickBooks Online

5 Apps for Making Your Office Paperless

The average U.S. office worker uses some 10,000 sheets of copy paper annually, according to a widely reported Environmental Protection Agency estimate. Those 20 reams of pulp per employee represent …

Passing the baton

Swap Your Administrative Tasks for More Entrepreneurial Opportunities

You probably recognize that you are more valuable to your business as an entrepreneur than as an administrator. Yet a recent survey by Intuit Australia shows that entrepreneurs often neglect managing and …

retirement plan

You Can Afford to Offer a Retirement Plan

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to provide a retirement savings plan for yourself and your employees. But with more immediate financial concerns — from making payroll …

Seeking answer

Quarterly Questions to Keep Your Business On Track

Most businesses operate — with budgets, sales goals, performance evaluations, and so forth — on an annual basis. But if you wait until the end of the year to assess …

lease or buy

Deciding Whether to Lease or Buy for Your Business

Small-business owners often find that they need a fair amount of stuff — from office equipment to an actual office — to start a company. But that doesn’t necessarily mean …


Don’t Let the Next Natural Disaster Put You Out of Business

Natural disasters — fires, floods, sinkholes, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tidal waves, swarms of locusts, or worse — have affected more than 30 percent of U.S. businesses. So while they may sound rare, the …

burning money

Sidestep the ‘Sunk Cost Fallacy’ to Make Better Choices

The “sunk cost” thinking trap snares many unwary entrepreneurs: It springs shut the moment you devote additional resources to a project just because you’ve already invested some. Simply put, a …

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New Way to Do Accounting — Is It Right for Your Small Business?

A comprehensive new approach to accounting has been created by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. It is intended to help small-business owners produce financial statements that are more …

Crates in a crane.

Boosting Your Business With Foreign Exports

Have you considered expanding your business’s market reach by exporting your products to other countries? Exporting goods can help you tap into emerging markets and avoid the drop in profits …

Gavel over the opened law book

8 Small-Business Legal Matters That Don’t Require an Attorney

Attorneys are expensive, especially for startups and early stage businesses. Some situations, such as defending a lawsuit or negotiating complex contracts, call for an attorney — and the costs of hiring …

cash flow

How to Read a Cash Flow Statement

How much money does your company have available right now? That’s a question your cash flow statement can answer. As its name suggests, a cash flow statement charts the flow …

raising money

The Do’s and Don’ts of Raising Capital

With so many alternative financing options now available, you may assume that raising capital to grow your company isn’t as tough as it was back when traditional banks dominated small-business …

loan approval

What Not to Do When Seeking a Small-Business Loan

Small-business owners who get turned down for a loan often blame the lender. Yet, more often than not, the owner is primarily at fault, because he or she went about …


More Businesses to Qualify as ‘Small’ Thanks to New SBA Size Standards

The U.S. Small Business Administration is increasing the maximum size of a company that may qualify for small-business status in 70 different industries. In about a third of those industries, …

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