How Small Businesses Can Raise Money, Get Loans, Get Paid

mitchell weiss

Mitchell Weiss on Avoiding Money Mistakes

Many professionals become small-business owners because they’re passionate about a particular idea or want to escape the corporate grind, not because they understand the financial aspects of running a company. …

Swiping Credit Card

Accept Credit Cards? You May Be an Audit Target

If you accept credit cards at your place of business, the Internal Revenue Service may have its eye on you. According to CNNMoney, the IRS has sent letters to 20,000 …

corporate buildings

Is It Time to Incorporate Your Business?

If you’re like most small-business owners, you probably started your operation as either a sole proprietorship or, if you had co-owners, a partnership. This company structure is the simplest and …

to do list

A Financial To-Do List for New Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs: Prior to embarking on any new business venture, you need to make sure that your financial house is in order. Here’s a to-do list to help you do just …

no trespassing

6 Tips for Protecting and Defending Your Online Content

Posting valuable information on your company’s website or blog is a lot like leaving store merchandise out on the sidewalk. It might be good for attracting interest, but the free …


Score Business Deals on B2B Group-Buying Sites

Consumer-focused daily deals sites have lost a lot of steam since the heady days of Groupon’s $6 billion buyout offer from Google. (While the company is finally rebounding from its …


Stop Embezzlement Before It Drains Your Small Business

Is an embezzler secretly sapping the financial vitality of your small business? You may not recognize the problem until you accidentally discover a discrepancy or the theft becomes so large that the …


How to Prep for Crowdfunding

You have a great business idea, and you’ve decided to try crowdfunding to raise the money you need to turn it into a reality. You want to start your fundraising …

Retro TV Commercial

10 Ways to Market Your Business With a Paper Thin Budget

So your marketing budget is a little tighter than you anticipated. Don’t sweat it (too much). You can wage an effective campaign without spending money you don’t have. Here are …

Cameron Teitelman

StartX Founder on the Benefits of Joining a Startup Accelerator

From Dropbox to Airbnb, some of the latest tech startups to hit it big have one thing in common: They all came out of incubators and accelerators. Why? One of …

laser printer

How to Print From Your Mobile Device

You may use your smartphone or tablet for just about everything — from tracking billable hours to attending meetings — these days, but chances are you still rely on your …

small fish, big bowl

When the Status Quo Is OK for Your Business

As a small-business owner, you don’t have Wall Street pushing you to one-up your financial figures every quarter. In fact, if you don’t have any investors, you may never feel …

business plan

How to Refine Your Pitch to Investors

If you’re looking to raise capital, you’ll almost certainly spend time in front of hard-eyed investors who have the power to write you big checks, provided that you and your …

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How to Manage Awkward Conversations With Clients

Social media makes it possible for customers to share their opinions of your business with just a few keystrokes, and people are more likely to rant about negative experiences than …

raising money

What the New SEC Rules Mean for Small Businesses

Are you looking for investment funding for your business? Thanks to a new Securities and Exchange Commission vote that lifts the ban on “general solicitation” for entrepreneurs under the Jumpstart …

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