How Small Businesses Can Raise Money, Get Loans, Get Paid

reluctant accountant

4 Bookkeeping Tips for Reluctant Accountants

Does the mere thought of managing your own books fill you with dread? You’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs do not particularly enjoy accounting. But as a small-business owner, it’s your …

corporate structure

Selecting a Corporate Structure for Your Small Business

One of the earliest decisions every small-business owner must make is how to set up the company. Although it’s not as exciting as selecting a name for the business or …


5 Important Questions to Answer Before You Start a Business

When you’re excited about an idea for a new business, it can be tempting to pull the trigger before you’ve zeroed in on your target or verified that you have a …

federal government

The Secrets of Federal Contracts

The Small Business Administration’s procurement scorecard [PDF] shows that small businesses received 22.3 percent of prime contracts last fiscal year. And $68 billion in U.S. government contracts were available in the first three …


Do You Have a Hobby or a Business?

It can take time for entrepreneurs to realize their dreams. Often new ventures are nurtured on the side for years while their owners continue to earn steady paychecks from someone …


How to Lose Your Land Line and Still Run the Office

Still using a cordless phone at the office? Why? Maintaining a land line in this day and age is an entirely unnecessary business expense. Web-based services and apps work with …

Stock Market

Why an IPO May Be a Bad Goal

Every small-business owner needs an exit strategy, but you may want to take one possibility off the table: an initial public offering. Although going public seems like a great way …

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to do list

6 High-Priority Startup Tasks for Entrepreneurs

Starting a business inevitably requires completing a seemingly endless list of tasks that need to get done, like, yesterday. But does everything really have to happen right away? The short …

401k - Nest Egg

Should You Finance a Business With Your 401(k)?

Launching a business takes money, and many entrepreneurs have turned to their 401(k)s to provide startup capital in recent years, The New York Times and Reuters report. Bypassing the banks …

paying bill

Restaurant Owners: New IRS Policy on Tips Coming Soon

It’s common for U.S. restaurants to automatically add a gratuity to the bill for large parties. But a new IRS rule, scheduled to take effect in January 2014, may make …

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business growth

How Scalable Is Your Small Business?

Whether or not you’re looking for investors, a key factor in judging the future potential of any small business is “will it scale?” This is a shorthand way of asking …

cut costs

Entrepreneurs Tell All: ‘How I Eliminated My Biggest Wasteful Expense’

You’ve heard the saying “it takes money to make money,” but are you missing easy opportunities to cut unnecessary spending? Take a cue from a few budget-savvy business leaders. Here’s …

credit cards photo

Should You Use a Personal or Business Credit Card?

The Small Business Credit Card Act of 2013 is unlikely to become law, but it marks a valiant attempt by U.S. legislators to update the venerable Truth in Lending Act and bring business …

Red cubes 2014

How to Get Back on Track to Meet Year-End Goals

As the fourth quarter fast approaches, time is running out to meet your 2013 goals. It’s not too late to get back on track. Here are a few tips to jump-start …

stretch dollar

How to Stretch a Small Business Budget

Can’t make your business’s income grow overnight? Do the next best thing: Cut unnecessary costs so that any money you spend contributes to outcomes that drive growth and profits. Here are …

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