How Small Businesses Can Raise Money, Get Loans, Get Paid

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Excuses, Excuses: Is Risk Aversion Ruining Your Business?

You can talk yourself out of just about anything. Sometimes being cautious works in your favor, but it can also limit your small business’s growth. The most successful entrepreneurs are …

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The Online Sales-Tax Stalemate Continues

The U.S. Supreme Court is refusing to get involved in the ongoing dispute over the collection of sales tax on online purchases. On December 2,2013, the court declined to hear a …

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Understanding Your Company’s Core Competencies

When you first started your business, you probably knew which areas you excelled in. Over time, however, your focus may have shifted. “We move away from our core competencies as …

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How to Know When Your Customer Isn’t Likely to Pay

It’s tough enough to drum up clients. For a business being bootstrapped by its owner, getting stiffed for services rendered can spell financial trouble. Just how bad is the problem? …

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4 Factors to Consider Before Taking Out a Small-Business Loan

If your company is running short on funds, applying for a loan may seem like the best next step. After all, an influx of cash can keep operations running, support …

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Calculating Health Insurance Subsidies When You’re Self-Employed

Many small-business owners struggle to obtain high-quality health insurance at affordable prices. The Affordable Care Act promises to change that, with the relaunch of the federal Health Insurance Marketplace. When purchasing …

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Professionalism Pays Off for a Violin Instructor

After years of running her Suzuki violin studio in a forgiving manner, such as not insisting on payment for missed lessons, Emily Greene (pictured) decided to get tough. Greene drafted …

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7 Tax Breaks for Small Business to Consider for 2013

It’s up to you to keep the appropriate records and take advantage of the available IRS income-tax deductions. There’s a fine line between cheating the system and not cheating yourself. Here’s …


How to Set Realistic Financial Goals for 2014

Whenever a new year rolls around, entrepreneurs have a tendency to think — and dream — big. Before you set your sights on lofty accomplishments, such as dramatically expanding your …

selling your business

How to Sell Your Small Business

Are you thinking about selling your small business? The process can be stressful and complicated, but you can make it easier by asking — and answering — a few key …

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Preparing Year-End Finances for Seamless Tax Filing

Tax season is right around the corner. Getting your financial house in order now can help you avoid problems later. Here are some key documents to gather as the calendar …

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Avoid a Tax-Time Surprise by Planning Ahead

When you work for someone else, your employer generally withholds federal taxes from your paycheck. But when you’re self-employed, paying income tax is completely up to you. If this is …

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4 Online Platforms for Raising Startup Capital

Startup founders, take note: If you want to raise funds from angel investors or venture capitalists to grow your business, it recently became much easier to do so. On Sept. …


5 Keys to a Successful Relationship With Your Tax Accountant

Even if you employ a bookkeeper or an office manager to handle your day-to-day finances, you’ll want to cultivate a strong working relationship with a tax accountant. “The best thing …

feature creep

Don’t Let “Feature Creep” Kill Your New Product

Entrepreneurs working on creating a new product often feel that adding one more feature or capability — like the Spinal Tap amplifiers that “turn up to 11” — will automatically make their offering …

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