How Small Businesses Can Raise Money, Get Loans, Get Paid

jan stephens

Going Organic Adds Value to Hand-Printed Clothing Line

Artists and serial entrepreneurs Jan and Gary Stephens have long taken pride in their ecological lifestyle. The couple lives “off the grid” outside Willits, Calif., in a passive solar envelope …

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Disenfranchised: How to Get Out of a Bad Franchising Agreement

Buying a franchise can be a lot like getting married: Your courtship is blissful, so you seal the deal and then enjoy a fruitful honeymoon period. But then, at some …

business traveler

5 Tax Tips for Deducting Travel Expenses

Business travel can be a lot of things: exciting, tiring, profitable, and — if you don’t properly manage your expenses, per the IRS — taxing (in the financial sense). When …

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Why Cash Flow Is King (and Other Lessons in Small-Business Finance)

Nearly a third of new employer firms fail within the first two years [PDF], according to the Small Business Administration. There’s no single reason for their failure. But after working with …

Money in human hands

4 Solutions for Common Small-Business Money Mistakes

Tax season may not be your favorite time of year, but it can provide a catalyst for identifying and addressing any financial missteps you’ve taken over the past year. Here …

profit sharing

Is Profit-Sharing Right for Your Small Business?

Profit-sharing? You want me to share my hard-earned profits with people who haven’t invested any capital in my company? Yes, perhaps. Profit-sharing can increase employee productivity and morale while decreasing …

Good Money After Bad

Avoid a Crowdfunding Backlash When the Crowd Gets Ugly

When Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Kickstarter came onto the scene in 2009, it promised to upend the age-old traditions of funding art projects. Instead of seeking wealthy patrons or government grants, creative …

selling the business

Selling Your Small Business in 2014

For the first time in a long time, the market is shifting in favor of business owners looking to sell. According to BizBuySell Insight Reports, small-business sales were up 49 …

doing taxes online photo

Estimated Tax Payments: Should You Use Annualized Income?

Making estimated tax payments comes with the territory when you strike out on your own. If business is predictable, it’s easy enough to send the IRS a set amount on …

depressed cake shop

A Pop-Up Bakery With a Social Mission

Using a pop-up business model, the Depressed Cake Shop works to spread awareness of mental illnesses worldwide. Local bakers from London to Kuala Lumpur donate cookies and cakes — often …

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piles of paper

What You Need to Know About Small-Business Record Keeping

Three little words can cost you a lot more money than you might imagine — and they have nothing to do with “love.” When it comes to keeping your business’s …

free cheese fraud

Old-School Scams: Don’t Let Your Business Get Conned

Malware, phishing emails, and other online scams tend to draw the most attention these days when it comes to keeping your company secure. But plenty of con artists who target small businesses …

obama myRA

Obama’s Payroll Savings Plan, myRA, Is a Starter IRA With Pros and Cons

Kevin Costa’s cured-meats kitchen and restaurant in the Beechview neighborhood of Pittsburgh is taking off. Patrons who feast on duck confit and other locally sourced fare at Crested Duck Charcuterie praise …

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The Essential Ingredient of Small-Business Exporting

Somewhere in Fiji, someone is devouring a meal made with Bone Suckin’ Sauce, a lip-smacking and award-winning product exported by Ford’s Gourmet Foods of Raleigh, N.C. When former real estate appraiser …


Calculating Risk: How Much Insurance Do You Need?

Entrepreneurs have been buying business insurance for a very long time. The act of managing risk by paying a premium to a third party in advance of any loss dates …

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