How Small Businesses Can Raise Money, Get Loans, Get Paid

tax audit

The Top 5 Tax Mistakes Small Businesses Make

It can be easy to forget about Uncle Sam when you’re in the midst of day-to-day operations, but making tax mistakes can be costly for your small business. To help …

money in the cloud

4 Downsides of Not Using Accounting Software

Small businesses have an array of accounting software applications to choose from when first starting up. Programs like QuickBooks track financial transactions, generate invoices, and print out reports. Yet some …


How to Make an IRS Audit Easier for You and Your Accountant

No one likes to be audited by the IRS. Most tax audits, however, are just requests for more information and, as long as you have the appropriate documentation, they can …

Money in human hands

How to Ask Friends and Family for a Business Loan

Two-thirds of the credit applications submitted by business owners in New York’s Tri-State Area were denied in 2011, according to the Small Business Borrowers Poll released by the Federal Reserve …

amazon logo

Amazon Starts Lending Money to Marketplace Sellers

Amazon Marketplace sellers have a new place to turn if they need cash: Amazon. The e-commerce giant is getting into the loan business with Amazon Lending, which will offer direct …


What the NFL’s Referee Mess Can Teach Small Businesses about Negotiation

Football fans have returned to a normal level of complaining about the NFL’s referees. That’s because the “real refs” are back after a labor dispute that sidelined them for the …

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Nick Sarillo

Pizzeria Owner Turned Book Author Dishes on His Success

Nick’s Pizza & Pub is more than just a restaurant for owner Nick Sarillo (pictured), who started the small business in Crystal Lake, Ill., in 1995 and opened a second …

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The Do’s and Don’ts of a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding is fast becoming a popular strategy to raise funds, test an idea, and attract customers. Some businesses have recently drawn so much attention from their crowdfunding campaigns that they …

holiday shopping

5 Factors to Help Plan Your Holiday Inventory

The leaves have barely started turning colors, but it’s not too early to start planning your holiday inventory, especially if you order products from overseas. “If the product is imported, …

the kitchen is closed

5 Ways to Save a Failing Restaurant

Owning and managing a restaurant is hard work. Some 60 percent of restaurants close their doors in the first three years of operation. This number soars during a recession, as …

efuneral’s Mike Belsito Breathes Life into the Business of Death

Sadly, tragedy was the mother of invention for Mike Belsito. After helping plan his cousin’s funeral, he came up with, a website that allows grieving families to comparison shop …

Stacy Kildal

Understanding QuickBooks Accounting and the Cloud

Curious about what cloud computing brings to the world of accounting and financial management? Stacy Kildal, owner of Kildal Services and an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, recently sat down with …

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selling biz

Getting Ready to Sell Your Small Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

Starting a small business takes heart and guts — and so does selling that beloved business. The decision to sell can be heart wrenching, but whether you’re doing so because …

rental agreement document with keys

3 Tips for Avoiding a Bad Landlord

Whether you’re trying to get your business off the ground or looking to expand, you have hundreds of details to attend to. Thinking about what kind of landlord you’ll have …

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yes or no?

4 Tips for Making Better Decisions

Whether solving a daily conundrum or plotting a game-changing move, small-business owners are constantly making decisions. However, spending the day putting out fires may not be the best use of …

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