How Small Businesses Can Raise Money, Get Loans, Get Paid

accountant at work

Finding and Selecting a CPA for Your Business

No matter how small your business is, at some point in time, you’re going to need an accountant. Some small business owners only call up their CPA once a year …

fishing for money

How to Impress a Venture Capitalist

Venture capital funding declined from $29.4 billion in 2011 to $26.5 billion last year, according to the National Venture Capital Association. However, that’s still a big pot of gold for …

time is money

Placing a Value on Your Time — and Increasing It

If you’re a consultant or another type of personal service provider, you probably charge your clients for the time you spend on any given project. This makes every minute of …

company car

Fact Sheet: Company Vehicles

Buying or leasing a company car — or putting your own vehicle into service — are all viable options for small-business owners. But how do you navigate tax deductions, insurance, …

small loan

Understanding Peer-to-Peer Lending for Small Business

Whether you need more cash for your operations or have excess cash you’d like to see earning higher interest rates, peer-to-peer (or P2P) lending may be an attractive option. P2P lending pairs individual …

kicked back on the beach

5 Ways to Earn Passive Income

If you’re the sole proprietor of a service-oriented business, your offering is you. So, when you aren’t actively working, your earnings take a hit. Having a business model that requires …

cleaning up the biz

John Warrillow on How to Make Your Business Attractive to Potential Buyers

You love your small business, but you wouldn’t mind if somebody showed up and offered to purchase it. After all, it could be the ultimate payday — and help prove …

Small Business loan application Form with pen, calculator

Grants and Loans: 5 Financial Resources for Small Businesses

The nation’s economic woes have made it tougher for small businesses to get loans and grants. The SBA’s (PDF) loan volume is edging up for fiscal 2013 over 2012, but …

home office

The Home Office Deduction Is About to Get a Lot Easier

The home-office tax deduction is something that every home-based business owner loves to hate. From the stories about how taking it increases their chances of getting audited to the complex …

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wind turbine

5 Entrepreneurial Endeavors Powered by the Wind

The lure of small-scale wind generation is spreading beyond isolated rural homesteads to urban subdivisions and small businesses. For example, officials in Sioux City, Iowa, recently changed zoning laws to …

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business plan

Is It Actually Important to Have a Business Plan?

Everyone’s heard the story of the overnight success, a business that made it without so much as a second thought, much less a business plan. Those extreme rarities aside, taking …

Credit Cards

Expert Advice on Small-Business Credit Cards

A small-business credit card can be a valuable tool, but it can also be a source of financial pain (or even ruin) if used irresponsibly. Rosemarie Clancy is editor-in-chief of …


5 Things You Need to Know Before Merging

While merger and acquisition activity has been sluggish for years, things are picking up. 2012 ended strong for M&As, with one of the highest three-month deal totals and the highest …

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cut costs

5 Ways to Cut Costs Without Outsourcing

Outsourcing contracts are down 19 percent, according to this recent report, with many U.S. companies bringing operations back home. This is generally good news for the nation’s economy, but some …


Finance Expert Coaches Etsy Sellers in New Book

When Etsy launched in 2005, the e-commerce site turned thousands of hobbyists into professional craftspeople. Woodworkers, knitters, seamstresses, and others suddenly had a virtual storefront through which they could sell …

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