How Small Businesses Can Raise Money, Get Loans, Get Paid

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What Is an EIN and Does Your Business Need One?

Much like a Social Security number for individual taxpayers, an Employer Identification Number — also called a Federal Tax Identification Number — is how the IRS identifies your company. Business …

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Goldman Sachs Program Aims to Help Entrepreneurs Succeed

Looking for resources to grow and create jobs? Goldman Sachs may have just what you need. A program called 10,000 Small Businesses aims to help entrepreneurs by providing them with …

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Do You Need a CFO?

“Company founders and CEOs are rarely equipped to handle financing strategies, budgets, and dealing with investors. But bringing on a chief financial officer is not cheap,” notes Janine Popick, founder …

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A Brooklyn Homebrew Shop’s Innovative Recipe for Business

When Douglas Amport and John La Polla conceived the business now known as Bitter & Esters, they simply wanted to provide space where enthusiastic homebrewers like themselves could produce larger …

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Should You Adopt a Fiscal or Calendar Year for Your Small Business?

As an individual taxpayer, you’re required to complete and submit an annual federal income-tax return by April 15 for the prior calendar year. (The IRS sometimes moves the date to …

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How to Ensure Longevity for Your Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

Fifty percent of American small businesses close up shop within their first year. But in 2011, more establishments opened than closed. All of these factors and more create a competitive …

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Small Business Loans Are a Capital Problem [INFOGRAPHIC]

Securing enough capital to start a business or maintain one is often one of the most daunting tasks an entrepreneur has to face. In the graphic below, we break down …


Beware of Scams Targeting Small Businesses

Every year, small-business owners are swindled out of some $250 million, just by phony telemarketers of office supplies, according to the Senate Committee on Small Business. To protect yourself from these and …

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In Business With Your Spouse? Here’s How Your Taxes Work

If you started a small business with your spouse, the federal tax implications of your decision aren’t as simple as you may think. Here’s what you need to know to …

corporate veil

Understanding the Corporate Veil and Protecting Yourself From Litigation

When you establish a company by forming an LLC or another business structure, you are creating a legal entity. It can enter into contracts, purchase goods and services, take on …


6 Ways to Get Audited by the IRS

Who knew that having a vindictive ex or rounding-off figures on a tax return could get you audited by the Internal Revenue Service? As you recover from tax time, be aware that there …


5 Tips for Improving Your Negotiations

Negotiation is at the heart of doing business, yet the business world is full of people who are pitifully bad negotiators. Fortunately, you don’t have to be one of them. …

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Your First-Quarter Small-Business Checkup

The first quarter of 2013 has come and gone. Before you blink and it’s the end of summer — or worse, year-end — take time to do a first-quarter checkup. Here’s …

Jake Director and Riley Goodman

Two Students Find Startup Success Selling Socks

Two college buddies in high-tech Seattle are striking it rich in the very low-tech industry of socks. Yes, socks. Jake Director and Riley Goodman (pictured) make crew socks with stripes …

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The Top 5 Documents Your Accountant Needs to Do Your Small-Business Taxes

As a small-business owner, tax time can be stressful, as you scurry to pull together all of your receipts and try to remember everything you did last year. Although accountants …

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