How Small Businesses Can Raise Money, Get Loans, Get Paid


SBA 7(a) Loans Explained

Looking loan for your small business? The U.S. Small Business Administration has programs for qualifying small-business owners that might make securing a loan a lot easier. The most common of …

dollar and Donation Box

How to Deduct Charitable Contributions Made by Your Small Business

Giving to charity is easy — and can be a great marketing tool. But claiming donations on your taxes is more complicated. If you want to claim a business tax …

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startup and grow

How Startups Get Started and Succeed [INFOGRAPHIC]

It seems every day there’s another story about a successful startup cashing in on the latest tech trend. And yet for every success story, there are far more examples of …

bike light

Innovative Bike Light Company Swims With Sharks and Comes Out a Winner

When you have a solid business idea, you sometime need to turn to multiple sources of funding to transform it into a going concern. For the founders of one California …

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How Jumped in Through the Rear Window

It may be the biggest American on-road phenomenon since the creation of the interstate highway system. Spreading as fast as kudzu along U.S. roadways, stick figure decals depicting family members …

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rural business

USDA Earmarks $150 Million for Rural Businesses

Small town (or even no town) America, listen up: Uncle Sam has up to $150 million ready to invest in your rural business. As part of the White House Rural …

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Why Your Small Business Needs Cyber Insurance

Sometimes small-business owners feel invisible compared to more established brands. But when it comes to cyber crime, your business is just as visible — and vulnerable — as any Fortune …


Mentors Give Entrepreneurs a Leg Up in Business

When successful small-business owners talk about how they got started, they often have one thing in common: mentors. Some have gotten informal support from friends or colleagues, but many more …

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loan documents

5 Questions to Ask Before Refinancing Your Small-Business Loan

When it comes to financing or refinancing their loans, small-business owners often face an uneven playing field. Financiers work with loans, loan terms, and loan documents day in and day …

licensing documents

5 Licensing Lessons Every Inventor Should Understand

Americans have long admired inventors, those gadgeteers intent on thinking up the next big thing. From Ben Franklin, who tinkered with eyeglasses to create bifocals to Fulton’s steam engine, Bell’s …

Petros Georgopoulos

Swapdom CEO on Finding the Right Startup Investor

When Petros and George Georgopoulos finally perfected an algorithm that could engineer the trading of possessions among multiple participants, they knew they were on to something big. The brothers, who are …

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In the Trenches: A Change of Scenery

Most days, I find myself sitting at my command center — it was upgraded from a desk when I added the second screen and made it look awesome — cranking …

Bitcoin - virtual money

Should Your Small Business Accept Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has made quite a few headlines lately. This is thanks, at least in part, to the somewhat spectacular failure of Japan-based MtGox, one of the world’s largest exchanges. Hundreds …

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nancy nadel

Former Politician Turns to Sweet Business

“As a policymaker, I spent a lot of time on economic development,” says Nancy Nadel, who served on the city council of Oakland, Calif., for 16 years before retiring in …

fingers crossed

4 Business Rules You Can Safely Break

When it comes to certain aspects of running a business, such as withholding employee taxes, it pays to follow the rules. In other areas, however, straying from standard practices might …

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