How Small Businesses Can Get New Customers and Sell More

decades of fashion

Serial Entrepreneur Finds a New Market in Old Clothing

Decades of Fashion is the latest in a long line of business ventures for serial entrepreneur Cicely Hansen. Fascinated by vintage clothing and accessories since she was five years old, Hansen …

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Hate Sales? Try These 4 Tactics

Most entrepreneurs recognize that selling more goods or services is key to growing a business. But that recognition is of little help to entrepreneurs whose introverted personalities are geared more …

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small business big game

Help Choose the Winner of Intuit’s Small Business Big Game Competition

Thousands entered, and now only four small businesses remain in the running to win a TV commercial that will air during the Big Game on Feb. 2, 2014. We need …

yelp screenshot image

Posting Fake Reviews for Your Business May Cost You

If you’re wondering how some businesses garner so many glowing customer reviews on sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor, the answer is that some of the commenters are fakes. They aren’t really clients; …

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Protect Your Blog Content From Web Scraping

It takes time, money, and effort to create content for your company’s blog. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous website owners don’t want to invest in original material and instead plagiarize other people’s …

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Scott McKenzie 1

Giveaways Bring Sweet Rewards to a Family Farmer

When Scott McKenzie (pictured) of Seaview Cranberries learned that the co-founder of Genki-Su Japanese Drinking Vinegars was looking for fruit purveyors near her home in Oregon, he thought his locally grown …

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Why and How to Use Persona Marketing

You wouldn’t be in business without a clear understanding of your target audience. Persona marketing can help you draw a finer bead on prospective customers and become a more successful …

sales barrier

Anticipate and Overcome Barriers to Sales

What’s stopping you from selling more of your products or services? People typically decide against purchases based on price, perceived value (or lack thereof), and similar factors. So, we suspect that …

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high price tag

How to Sell More of a High-Priced Product

When closing a sale, price is often a major consideration. In fact, it’s often the biggest factor when it comes to making a sale or losing a customer out the …

google search logo

Using Google’s New Search Report to Drive Web Traffic

Are you using search-engine optimization and sponsored links to drive traffic to your company’s website? If so, Google has a new report for you. Small-business owners who have an AdWords and a …


Business Building for Introverts

Social media dominates the news these days, with experts of all stripes offering glib advice on how to grow your business by becoming an online “star,” by putting yourself “out …

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Business growth

How to Maximize Growth in Your Solo Operation

More than 70 percent of U.S. businesses are owned and operated by sole proprietors. These independent professionals — often freelancers, consultants, and contractors — essentially own and run the whole show …

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holiday shopper

Get Ready for Cyber Monday Now

The biggest online shopping day in U.S. retail history was Cyber Monday 2012, with sales that were 30 percent higher than the Monday after Thanksgiving in 2011, according to IBM’s …


7 Best Practices for Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Sure, you can glean snippets of what customers think about your business from social media. But why not ask them for more details in an online survey? Free tools like …

twitter logo

The 5 Worst Twitter Mistakes Businesses Have Ever Made

The cardinal rule of conducting business on social media is don’t embarrass your brand. It’s so easy to avoid, after all, given the ample opportunities for entrepreneurs to learn from …

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