How Small Businesses Can Get New Customers and Sell More


Building Loyalty by Delivering the Unexpected and Going the Extra Mile

Perhaps you’ve read the story of how Australia’s national science agency turned a 7-year-old’s earnest request to “make a dragon for me” into a global public relations coup? In a …


What to Test in Your Email Campaigns

The most successful email marketing campaigns have at least one thing in common: They have been tested, analyzed, and retested. Granted, a high-quality product, a compelling offer, and a robust …

youtube video production

4 Impactful Places to Post Your Video

Digital videos can be an inexpensive way to transform your brand, reach a broader audience, and promote your products or services. But where, exactly, should you make your content available …


Using Power Words to Sell

When it comes to sales, a high-quality image can go a long way toward making your product or service more appealing. But using the right words can help make or break …

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facebook screen capture image

Your 4-Point Facebook Ad-Tracking Strategy for 2014

Not too long ago, Facebook made some changes to its ad program. Its goal was to help businesses more effectively target their advertising campaigns and measure the results of their efforts. The …

valentine's day

How to Show Love for Your Customers on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about showing the people we love how much we care, which typically prompts companies to court customers by busting out red flyers and heart-shaped decorations. You …


5 Ways to Get Around Google Analytics’ “Not Provided” Keyword Data

Savvy online marketers tailor a website’s content to include keywords that their target customer is most likely use while searching the web for the kinds of goods or services their …

peg fitzpatrick

Peg Fitzpatrick Imbues Social Media Strategy with Positivity

“Social media is the new television,” says social media marketing expert Peg Fitzpatrick. “[You have to] make sure that you have a channel that people would like to watch.” That means …

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money in hand

In the Trenches: Analyzing Our Revenue Sources

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how 2014 would be the year for Cranky Concierge to grow revenue without increasing costs. If that was an easy task, I’d …

rebekah radice

Rebekah Radice’s Secret to Social Media Success

Rebekah Radice loves to share her passion for all things social wherever and whenever she can. As founder and CEO of a digital marketing agency in Los Angeles, Radice (pictured) …

web design audit

Why and How to Conduct a Web Content Audit

Whether you’re planning to redesign your website, rebrand your company, or increase your online marketing might, you’ll want to examine whether your existing web content is supporting your company’s goals. …

calculator and pricing

In the Trenches: Rethinking Our Pricing Model

Maybe it’s my background setting fares for airlines, but I find myself frequently thinking about our pricing strategy at Cranky Concierge. Although our flat-fee model has served us well so far, I’ve been …

target vine

What You Can Learn From 4 Big Brands Using Vine

The debate lingers over whether Instagram Video or Vine is a better platform for brand marketing. But one thing is certain: Vine offers a unique and effective means to deliver quick …


Your Marketing Campaign Went Viral — Now What?

Learning how to craft a viral marketing campaign is relatively easy. Yet few companies seem prepared to deal with the aftermath, and fewer still effectively turn their viral successes into …

shopping carts

4 Ways to Build Your Customer Base

Three out of four U.S. small businesses expect better sales in 2014, according to the latest monthly survey of CEOs [PDF] released by The Wall Street Journal and Vistage. Is …

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