How Small Businesses Can Get New Customers and Sell More

umami mart

How a Duo Turned a Food Blog Into a Niche Retail Business

It all started seven years ago with a chance meeting on Thanksgiving in an Oakland, Calif., kitchen. Yoko Kumano, who lived in Tokyo at the time, and Kayoko Akabori, who …

social media sites

5 Ways to Reuse Your Content Across Social Media Platforms

Social media doesn’t have to be a major time sink. You can boost your engagement with customers and prospects across channels simply by repurposing your original content. For example, let’s …

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To Boost Revenue, Choose the Sales Channel Less Traveled

When the going gets tough, it’s said, the tough get going. Likewise, when traditional sales channels come up short, some tough-minded small-business owners find opportunities where few — or maybe …

groupon logo

Groupon Launches DIY Deals for Local Merchants

Looking to attract a few of those 40 million U.S. consumers trolling for bargains on Groupon? The online-coupon giant on Feb. 10 launched a new self-service tool called DealBuilder that …

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antonelli head shot

Dan Antonelli on Building a Big Brand for Your Small Business

You deliver an excellent product or service, employ top-notch people, and have a good location. But business isn’t going as well as you’d hoped. Maybe it’s time to rethink your …

natural language

How Natural Language Processing in Search Impacts Small Businesses

Appearing near the top of search engine results used to be a largely keyword-driven affair: The more relevant your website’s content was to a given term, the higher it ranked …

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domain names

New Domain Names Offer Opportunities and Pitfalls

Didn’t get the .com, .net, or .info URL you wanted for your company’s website? Nearly half of U.S. small-business owners say they’re dissatisfied with their internet addresses, and slightly more …

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Become a Go-To Customer Resource to Increase Sales

Want to attract more customers? It may be time to scale back on promotions and take a hard look at what you’re providing potential clients. “Success in today’s economy means …

ted rubin

Ted Rubin on Creating a Social Media Strategy and Brand Evangelists

Ted Rubin has been influencing the online world since 1997. Back then, he worked with Seth Godin at the direct-marketing firm Yoyodyne, which was later acquired by Yahoo. Rubin now runs …

segment marketing

How to Segment Your Email List

Gone are the days of sending an email blast to your entire list of subscribers. No matter what the size of your audience or customer base is, you could benefit …

conference photo

4 Ways to Prepare for a Business Conference

Signing up for a professional conference can be exciting: New connections! Fresh ideas! Sage advice from experts! However, in order to benefit from all an event has to offer, you’ll …

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marketing budget

7 Tips for Setting Your Marketing Budget

If boxing is the sweet science, then maybe marketing, given its unpredictability, is the sweet-and-sour science. Or perhaps it’s more like fuzzy math. No matter. Your small business needs marketing. It …

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public speaking

How to Market Your Business Through Public Speaking

Nobody knows your business as well as you do, which makes you an expert in the field. Sharing what you know in a public forum can help you market your …

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hide and seek

New Services Help Small Businesses Get Found Online

Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, yada yada, ad infinitum. The task of optimizing your business’s search results and updating your listings  with search engines, directories, and review sites to help people find …


Forget the Search Engines, Focus on Your Audience

Having trouble tracking Google’s changes to its search algorithm and adjusting your digital marketing strategy accordingly? You’re in good company. Even SEO professionals have a hard time keeping up with …

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