How Small Businesses Compete Regionally

the cleaning bouquet

Cleaning for a Good Cause Made Possible by Intuit

After serving eight years in the U.S. Navy, Danielle McCray wanted to start her own business as both a way to give back to her community of Florence, South Carolina, …

startup new york

StartUp New York Helps Small Businesses After Superstorm Sandy

The StartUp New York Coalition is an ambitious new organization intended to provide free assistance to small businesses affected by Superstorm Sandy. If your Big Apple-based enterprise took a hit …

online shopping

Why Local Merchants Should Sell Products Online (and 5 Tips for Doing So)

Each year, retail experts weigh in on the impact that e-commerce is having on traditional stores. Their current consensus: Local merchants who don’t offer their customers the option of ordering …

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tornado iphone pics

Intuit Helps Auto Shop Weather Devastating Storm

“Auto repair is second nature to me,” admits Jerry Mallard, owner of American Automotive Repair. “My daddy had me under a car at seven years old … I’ve been in …

linden tree books

Wish Helps California Bookstore Turn the Page on Longstanding Goal

In 1981, Linda and Dennis Ronberg formed what would soon become known throughout Los Altos, California as Linden Tree Books. Originally specializing in children’s recordings, the establishment would richly evolve …

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anna fouts

Intuit Wish Holds the Key to Success for Local Locksmith

For Anna Fouts, the thought of becoming a locksmith never entered her mind — at least not until she was offered an opportunity to become one. Having developed an unfortunate …

In the RA Fitness studio

A ‘Sign’ of Good Things to Come for In the RA Fitness

If there’s anything hotter than the weather in Phoenix, it’s one of the hottest new group fitness studios in the West. But for Serina Kappes, co-founder of In the RA …

shakar bakery

Baker’s Wish is a Piece of Cake for Intuit

For a little more than three years now, Shantal Derboghosian has led a double life. By day, she is an accomplished chemist who holds a master’s degree in environmental engineering …

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Ryan Stadel $5k

Intuit Wish Helps Young Entrepreneur Remain a ‘Cut’ Above the Rest

While a majority of his peers were toiling with video games and other common childhood pursuits, eight-year-old Ryan Stadel was becoming the youngest businessman on his block. “When I was …

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detroit rock city

Intuit Grants Wish to Help School Rock On

In 2003, the movie The School of Rock was a hit with music and movie lovers everywhere. But Jack Black and the theatrical fusion of school and rock ‘n’ roll …

roots memphis

Intuit Grants Wish to Help a Healthy Dream Grow in Memphis

Helping a small business to grow can be challenging, especially when growing is the business itself. No one understands the challenges of urban agriculture better than Mary Phillips, a woman …

group puppy photo

Texas Not-For-Profit Sends Intuit Wish to the Dogs (And Cats)

In 2002, Stacey Schumacher — an animal lover with a mind for business — founded The Texas Coalition for Animal Protection. For more than a decade now, the nonprofit, 501(c)(3) …

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Cory and Me - Mama Baretta

Mama Mia! Intuit Grants a Healthy Wish to ‘Mama Baretta’

Ask Debra Baretta-Rogers why Italy is shaped like a boot and she’ll tell you. It’s to give a swift kick to the notion that sweets have to be unhealthy and …

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john with roaster

Intuit Brews Up A Granted Wish for Coffee Roasting Couple

John and Pat Curry of Augusta, Georgia had their hearts set racing this week. And for once that reality didn’t result solely from drinking the delicious java these expert coffee …

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Intuit Delivers Grant to California Logistics Business

Nothing can put the brakes on a freight transportation company’s growth like a weak economy. Needless to say, it’s been a rough couple of years for the logistics industry. But …

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