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the lean startup book cover

‘The Lean Startup’ Rewrites the Entrepreneur Playbook

When one of Facebook’s founders endorses a new how-to book on entrepreneurial methodology — because it helps “answer the tough questions about business” — entrepreneurs listen. The Lean Startup: How Today’s …

humble apology

How and When a CEO Should Apologize

Gone are the days when being a CEO meant never having to say you’re sorry. Lately, it seems we’ve been deluged with corporate apologies — ranging from Mike Lazaridis, founder …

Michelle Valeriano head shot

Adobo Nation’s Michelle Valeriano on Adding Video to Your Online Marketing Mix

Michelle Valeriano has worn many hats over the course of her career. The former model and video jockey is now a video producer, a TV hostess, and the founder and …

dina kaplan head shot

How to Become an Online Video Star

Dina Kaplan (pictured) was holding down her dream job as a reporter for WNBC in New York City in 2005 when she received a call from a friend, Mike Hudack. …

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jim kukral

Entrepreneur Jim Kukral on Crowdsourcing His Book Advance

Marketing consultant Jim Kukral (pictured) had already published a book the traditional way when he decided to try self-publishing. “Being a marketer and an entrepreneur, I can’t wait nine months …

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a portly gentleman

Does How You Look Affect How Well You Lead?

When the media spotlight briefly focused on a possible presidential run by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, several pundits branched out from conventional political analysis to focus on his weight. …

brian wiegand

How Small Brands Can Stand Out Alongside the Big Guys

Major retailers rarely devote premium shelf space to lesser-known brands, which makes it hard for small enterprises to gain recognition and build up a following. Alice.com, an online marketplace for …

mari smith photo

Social Media Guru Mari Smith on the Importance of Relationships

Mari Smith has made a name for herself as a social media marketing expert, especially in the realm of Facebook realm. Last year, she began feeling overwhelmed by the always-on, …

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Jessica Scorpio Getaround.com photo

What Drives Getaround.com’s Jessica Scorpio

It’s been a whirlwind year for Jessica Scorpio (pictured). In May, she launched Getaround.com at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC, winning the conference’s coveted startup prize. In September, she and co-founders Sam …

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Kevin Rose of Digg photo

Kevin Rose on the Lesson He Learned from Digg

At one point not too long ago, Digg had hundreds of millions of people hitting the site daily, giving news stories a thumbs up or down, voting whether each piece …

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lauren deane evans photo

Where 6 Creative Professionals Find Inspiration

Inspiration can be found almost anywhere — in books, song lyrics, art, news headlines, magazines, people-watching, TV commercials, and more. Here’s where six different creative professionals say they find theirs. …

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Netflix computer logo

6 Things Netflix Did Wrong: What You Can Learn

In the space of just a few months, the DVD and video streaming service Netflix has gone abruptly from a pattern of rapid growth to one of losing customers, largely …

Virginia La Torre Jeker photo

Tax Prep for U.S. Expats: It Can Be a Desert Out There

Being the lone expert in a critical field in foreign country can be a great selling point — and Virginia La Torre Jeker has built a career based on just …

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ashton kutcher interview photo

Ashton Kutcher on What He Looks for in a Startup

On Sept. 19, Ashton Kutcher made his first appearance on the CBS comedy Two and a Half Men, replacing Charlie Sheen. Kutcher’s fictional role on the show as an internet …

terry st marie photo

Terry “Starbucker” St. Marie on the Power of Positive Blogging

Terry “Starbucker” St. Marie is a success story about the power of positive thinking. His blog, TerryStarbucker.com, spreads “realistic optimism” through a philosophy he calls “half-fullism.” After working in various …

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