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Should Your Small Business Buy Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Roughly 2 million small businesses spent a combined $7.2 billion on Google AdWords in 2011, the online marketing firm WordStream reports. Was it worth it? That depends on the business, …

lucky ant founder

Lucky Ant’s Jonathan Moyal on Crowdfunding for Small Businesses

For several years, independent artists, writers, and musicians have used crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo to raise capital for upcoming projects. Now, Jonathan Moyal’s startup, Lucky Ant, is …

Louis Giacotto

Pierre-Louis Giacotto on Bringing the Radisson Blu Brand to America

Introducing Americans to a brand from another country is no easy task. Even if consumers are vaguely familiar with its name, tweaking and lots of explanation — whether through a …

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washington and the dollar

U.S. Presidents and Small Business: A Mixed Record of Success

The importance of small businesses to the nation’s economic recovery has been the focus of serious debate in the 2012 presidential race, which made us wonder: How many U.S. presidents …

stephen denny

Stephen Denny on Squashing Giants in the Business World

Although Stephen Denny helped shape big brands like Sony, OnStar, and Iomega, the marketing guru also champions small businesses. In his first book, Killing Giants: 10 Strategies to Topple the …

brad pitt in moneyball

4 Small-Business Lessons from ‘Moneyball’

The award-winning 2011 film Moneyball — a potential Oscar nominee for best picture — isn’t just an entertaining flick. It can also offer insight into how to run a business. …

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steve blank

Steve Blank on Launching a Lean Startup

Steve Blank, a retired serial entrepreneur, has had his share of hits and misses: He founded the business software firm Epiphany, which was later acquired for $329 million, and he’s …

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talking to a child

Small-Business Owners: What I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self

If you’d only known then what you know now, you would have done a few things differently, right? As the saying goes, “hindsight is 20/20″ — and perhaps your small …

jess lee polyvore

Polyvore’s Jess Lee on Taking the Startup Leap

When Jess Lee left Google in 2009 for a little-known fashion website called Polyvore, she wasn’t sure what to expect. But she loved the site. On Polyvore, fashionistas create collages …

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Michelle Zatlyn

CloudFlare Founder on “Supercharging” Websites and Her Soaring Success

Michelle Zatlyn (pictured) is a go-getter, in every sense of the word. Armed with a degree in chemistry, she worked for Google and Toshiba, earned an MBA from Harvard Business …

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steve lopez

How Tour Manager Steve Lopez Keeps Widespread Panic’s Wheels Rolling

When you’re a touring rock band, your to-do list is never done. You travel to the venue for soundcheck, give interviews, do radio promotions, perform a concert, meet fans, and …

Jonathan Fields

Jonathan Fields on Succeeding in Uncertain Times

Many entrepreneurs strike out on their own early in life, but Jonathan Fields isn’t one of them. Fields began his career as a tough-as-nails hedge fund lawyer at a Manhattan …


Mark Johnson on Building Customer Loyalty

Small businesses have what seems like a million potential strategies for building customer loyalty — Facebook, Twitter, online deals, and smartphone apps, to name a few — but many wonder …

goodwill logo

Using Goodwill to Source Employees

Need to hire new staff for your business? Consider calling the Goodwill Job Center in your community. Goodwill uses the funds raised from selling donated goods to finance job-training and …

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sheena edwards

Shoe Designer Sheena Garg Edwards on Maintaining Work-Life Balance

Sheena Garg Edwards seems to do it all. Lately, her daily routine includes designing shoes for the next season, planning for the holidays, and running three kids to and from …

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