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Jonathan Moules, FT Staff writer.

‘Rebel Entrepreneur’ Author Jonathan Moules on Breaking the Rules

After profiling hundreds of business owners for the Financial Times, journalist Jonathan Moules (pictured) noticed an interesting trend: The most successful ones are often those who buck conventional wisdom about …

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Katie Bunschoten

What’s the Difference Between a Bookkeeper and an Accountant?

Fledgling small-business owners are often told that they should hire a professional to help with the accounting side of their companies. Because both bookkeepers and accountants offer services, understanding which …

pooja sankar

3 Tips for Juggling a New Baby and a Business

Pooja Sankar’s son is less than two months old, but the founder and CEO of Piazza is already back at work. With the summer ending and students getting ready to …


How to Protect Your Small-Business Assets

You’ve spent years of your life building a successful small business. How do you protect your operation from being destroyed by legal proceedings, natural disaster, or even sudden death? The …


CEO Marcel Fairbairn: Hire Wisely, Move Quickly, and Simplify Everything

Marcel Fairbairn is a 20-year veteran of the entertainment-lighting industry. As a teenager, Fairbairn was a singer and bass player for several Canadian heavy rock bands. At age 19, he sold …

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How to Get the Most out of Interns

Interns can be an excellent source of inexpensive — or even free — labor for small businesses. In the ideal scenario, everyone wins: Your company gets a helping hand, and …

Mitch Gordon

Mitch Gordon on the Challenges of a Student CEO

Mitch Gordon is president and co-founder of GoOverseas.com, a startup that helps people find academic, volunteer, internship, and other programs abroad. It’s no surprise that he’s putting in long hours …

Mike Yoffie Growthium

BigMouth’s Mike Yoffie on Building an Effective Brand

Successful branding is all about telling your story, says Mike Yoffie, chief of “moving the chart” for BigMouth, a San Francisco-based marketing consultancy. Telling your story helps you make those …

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goofing off at work

“Evil HR Lady” on How Much Downtime Employees Should Get on the Job

Time management is critical to small-business success: When you have fewer people to get things done, efficiency is key. Yet we all find ways to while away work time with …


The Hiring Process: Jennifer McClure on How to Read Resumes

The days of hanging a Help Wanted sign in the store window are disappearing. Job seekers and employers are turning to more modern methods, from LinkedIn to social networks, to …

doug sleeter

Why the Cloud Makes Sense for Small Business

“Your customers demand that you be in the cloud,” says Doug Sleeter, a nationally recognized expert in accounting-software consulting. “The latest innovations in cloud, mobile, and connected solutions are changing everything …

tory white

Spark & Hustle’s Tory Johnson on Her Entrepreneurial Success

Tory Johnson’s career trajectory should provide ample inspiration for anyone with an entrepreneurial dream. After being fired unexpectedly from a steady job 14 years ago, Johnson had next-to-nothing going for …

adam brownlee

Adam Brownlee on Catching Warren Buffett’s Eye

For many small-business owners, Warren Buffett is a role model for turning an entrepreneurial dream into a wildly successful career. The chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, whose net worth …

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Anthony Soohoo

Digital Media Visionary Says ‘Blindness’ Is Key to Success

Anthony Soohoo has the type of resume most entrepreneurs dream of possessing. The UC Davis grad and Harvard MBA rose to prominence in the digital media industry by first cutting …

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helping hands

Why 3 Serial Entrepreneurs Help Other Small-Business Owners

Susan Zimmerman operates a retail store on Cape Cod and a small tech-consulting business in Wellesley, Mass. Lori Richardson does sales consulting from her Boston office and started a successful …

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