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Tom Panaggio Headshot

Excuses, Excuses: Is Risk Aversion Ruining Your Business?

You can talk yourself out of just about anything. Sometimes being cautious works in your favor, but it can also limit your small business’s growth. The most successful entrepreneurs are …

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Jason Miles headshot

Jason Miles Paints Instagram’s Big Picture for Small Businesses

As a huge social media fan, Jason Miles eagerly hopped onto Pinterest shortly after its launch in 2010. Nuggets of how he used the site to catapult Liberty Jane Clothing, …

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nell merlino

Nell Merlino on Why Women Are Driving Small Business in the U.S.

When it comes to starting businesses, women are running circles around men. Female entrepreneurs have been hanging their shingles at a higher rate than men for the past two decades …

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thank you

Using Handwritten Thank-You Notes to Distinguish Your Business

A personal touch can boost client loyalty, referrals, and overall business success. John Kralik’s story proves this: With everything going wrong in his life and his work, he decided to …

joanne black

Why You Should Step Away From Your Keyboard and Pick Up the Phone

A recent survey by Constant Contact shows that by far the two most popular small-business uses of mobile phones are social media and email marketing. Perhaps that’s because using digital tools …

cynthia kay

Expert Advice on Working With Big Businesses

If you’re hoping to cater to corporate giants as prime customers, be careful what you wish for: Although large contracts generally help you move more inventory and enable you to …

chris sinclair

Young Entrepreneurs: 4 Highly Successful CEOs Who Started Early

Surely you’ve heard of Mark Zuckerberg, the über-successful entrepreneur who co-founded Facebook in early 2004 at the tender age of 19. Since then, increasing numbers of teenagers have started their …

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colored pencils

Why Good Experience Design Is Great for Business

The makers of Roku, a popular device that streams video from the internet to a TV, put just one word on the front of its user guide: “Hi!” The idea …

Creative idea of businessman

Get the Most Out of Your Creative Thinkers

The best work comes from teamwork, right? It’s a concept that’s been drilled into our heads since grammar school. But, as it turns out, it’s not always true. In her …

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cut costs

Entrepreneurs Tell All: ‘How I Eliminated My Biggest Wasteful Expense’

You’ve heard the saying “it takes money to make money,” but are you missing easy opportunities to cut unnecessary spending? Take a cue from a few budget-savvy business leaders. Here’s …

thumbs up

Expert Advice on How to Be a More Confident Business Leader

Running a successful small business is reason enough to be confident about your leadership skills. But exuding that confidence doesn’t come easily for some entrepreneurs, which unfortunately may deter customers. …

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mitchell weiss

Mitchell Weiss on Avoiding Money Mistakes

Many professionals become small-business owners because they’re passionate about a particular idea or want to escape the corporate grind, not because they understand the financial aspects of running a company. …

jordan fliegel

CoachUp Scores With a Small-Business Slam Dunk

Entrepreneur Jordan Fliegel says coaching makes all the difference to many aspiring athletes. “I wasn’t very good at basketball, but I loved it,” Fliegel says. “I found a private coach …

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Erin J. Morgart

Beware of Fake Social Media Profiles

The topic of identity theft makes headlines every year during tax season, which is understandable, considering the potential financial impact of fake claims. But there’s growing type of fraud that …

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Sleep Genius Aims to Awaken Small-Business Productivity

Feel like you could use a little more sleep? You’re not alone. Researchers at Harvard Medical School say that at least 30 percent of the civilian workforce in the U.S. …

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