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chris brogan

Entrepreneur Chris Brogan on Why You Shouldn’t Conform

Freaks, misfits and weirdos haven’t always been cool. Entrepreneur and author Chris Brogan, publisher of Owner magazine, turns these terms on their heads by reclassifying freaks as game changers. In …

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kelli ellis

Kelli Ellis on Designing an Ideal Office Space

Kelli Ellis, an interior designer turned TV celebrity, is an expert in design psychology. She wrote the book Do I Look Skinny in This House? after years of consulting with …

john spencer ellis

John Spencer Ellis on Small Business Collaboration

John Spencer Ellis (pictured) is a best-selling author, speaker, filmmaker, and coach. He’s the CEO of the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association, Spencer Institute for Life Coaching, International Triathlon Coaching …

Mark Poulin

Marketing Tips From an Etsy Power User

“Marketing online is all about photography now,” says veteran jeweler Mark Poulin. “I’m selling photographs.” For the past 20 years, Poulin (pictured) has been selling enamel jewelry featuring whimsical depictions …

Jaime Tardy

Author Jaime Tardy on How to Become a Millionaire

Not too long ago, business coach Jaime Tardy set out to answer the million-dollar question: What does it take to become a millionaire? She polled 120 people who fit the …

Scott Leonard

Author Scott Leonard on Freeing Yourself From the Office

In 2011, Scott Leonard began living what for many small-business owners is only a dream: He took a “working sabbatical,” managing his financial-services firm remotely for nearly three years while sailing …

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Stookey on PG w Niagara

Leadership Lessons From the Sea

Crane Stookey brings a unique perspective to coaching business leaders and organizations through individual and systemic change. As a former tall-ship officer and founder of the Nova Scotia Sea School, …

Melonie Dodaro

Melonie Dodaro on Using LinkedIn as a Lead Generation Tool

As founder and CEO of the marketing firm Top Dog Social Media, Melonie Dodaro has her finger on the pulse of everything social. But LinkedIn is where she really shines. Her …

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stacks of cash image

Why Cash Flow Is King (and Other Lessons in Small-Business Finance)

Nearly a third of new employer firms fail within the first two years [PDF], according to the Small Business Administration. There’s no single reason for their failure. But after working with …

Tim Williamson

New Orleans Nonprofit Offers Local Lessons on Building a Small Business

Tim Williamson left his native New Orleans in 1987 to pursue a career in finance and then in television/video marketing. When he returned to his hometown in the late 1990s to …

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mari smith

Mari Smith on Building Facebook Engagement for Small Businesses

Mari Smith, a Canadian-born Scot who currently lives in San Diego, is widely respected as a social media leader, particularly when it comes to Facebook. She’s the author of The …

Kim_Palmer photo

Kimberly Palmer on Why and How to Start a Side Gig

Kimberly Palmer is a successful author and personal-finance writer for U.S. News and World Report. But that didn’t stop her from becoming an entrepreneur as well. Looking to increase her …

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antonelli head shot

Dan Antonelli on Building a Big Brand for Your Small Business

You deliver an excellent product or service, employ top-notch people, and have a good location. But business isn’t going as well as you’d hoped. Maybe it’s time to rethink your …

ted rubin

Ted Rubin on Creating a Social Media Strategy and Brand Evangelists

Ted Rubin has been influencing the online world since 1997. Back then, he worked with Seth Godin at the direct-marketing firm Yoyodyne, which was later acquired by Yahoo. Rubin now runs …

start your own business?

Career Coach: 4 Lesser-Known Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Toni Littlestone, owner of Work Vision, has met a lot of entrepreneurs in the past 25 years. As a career coach and counselor, she has worked with hundreds of professionals …

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