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Small Businesses Work Smarter with a QuickBooks Designed for Efficiency

Today, Intuit unveiled QuickBooks 2013, the latest version of QuickBooks desktop software for Windows. Our millions of small business customers will be delighted to experience a completely reimagined and improved …

QB for Mac 2013 Guide Me Getting Paid Video

QuickBooks for Mac 2013 Helps Small Businesses Master Finances

Today, Intuit announced what’s new in QuickBooks for Mac 2013. Updates help small businesses work more productively so they spend less time managing their finances and more time building their …

QuickBooks Online

Sweet Success for Small Business: Updates to QuickBooks Online Suite

Today Intuit announced updates to the QuickBooks Online suite of connected applications that deliver a personalized and complete financial management package to our more than 360,000 small business subscribers. The …

cheat sheet

5 Tips for Improving Your Accounting Practices

How well you monitor and manage your finances can determine whether your enterprise ultimately succeeds or sinks. That’s why now, more than ever, small-business owners are exploring how time-honored techniques …

the lawn butler

Lawn Butler Saves Time, Money with Intuit’s Direct Deposit, Pay Card

When Suzzie Douglas started a lawn-care business with her husband, Roy, in 1997, she was simply looking for a way to stay home with her young daughter. Fifteen years later, …

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Intuit Makes Payroll a Snap with Free Mobile App

One out of every three small businesses pays an annual penalty for payroll calculation errors, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports. Perhaps this is because many operations — particularly those …

doug sleeter

Why the Cloud Makes Sense for Small Business

“Your customers demand that you be in the cloud,” says Doug Sleeter, a nationally recognized expert in accounting-software consulting. “The latest innovations in cloud, mobile, and connected solutions are changing everything …

moneydue app

Intuit’s MoneyDue App Turns Your Calendar into a Payment Tool

Billing and keeping track of outstanding invoices can be a struggle for many sole proprietors, particularly freelance creatives and other contractors who bill various clients on an hourly basis. “Many …


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Ken Darrow

How to Turn on Payroll in QuickBooks

Although Intuit has offered payroll services through QuickBooks since 1998, many small-business owners don’t realize that Intuit QuickBooks Payroll is available to them from within the software program, says Ken …

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How Crafters Helped Intuit Create a Cool Mobile App

“We wanted to build something that really helped microbusinesses get organized,” explains Intuit engineer Brian Tran, “something that would weave together all aspects of their business in one easy app.” …

old typewriter

4 Benefits of Taking Your Small Business Paperless

Paper memos, old-fashioned faxes, and other types of print correspondence are virtually unnecessary in 2012. In fact, many online services can help you reduce or even eliminate your consumption of …

scott cook intuit

Intuit Gallery Walk Brings out Good Times and Great Innovations

With the spotlight shining on innovation, Intuit on Thursday hosted its fifth Gallery Walk in New York City, providing a sneak peek at forthcoming products and ongoing projects, all of …

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free money

5 Great Financial Grants for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Grants are like free money for small businesses: Unlike loans and other debt, grants don’t typically require you to pay anyone back. Of course, finding and qualifying for public or …

web design

How to Find Cheap (or Free) Help with Website Design

Does your business website exude professionalism and trustworthiness? If it doesn’t, your online presence can do more harm than good. Fortunately, whipping your site into shape doesn’t have to be …

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