Small Business Trends in Visual and Graphic Form

nfl lockout 2 image

Fourth Down and Out of Luck: The NFL Lockout and You [INFOGRAPHIC]

After Uncle Sam and Jersey Shore, there’s no more essential a part of American culture as football. Pro football has entire industries that live around its core business: food and …

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What Are the Biggest Small Business Tax Mistakes? [INFOGRAPHIC]

April 18th looms like a dark, ominous cloud on the horizon for many small businesses. The very thought of filing taxes can put a knot in someone’s stomach. (Thanks for …

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How Small Businesses Are Spending [INFOGRAPHIC]

Since the economy dipped into recession, talk of “tightening the belt” has swept America. We evaluated aggregate data from small businesses using QuickBooks Online via Intuit Trends to get a …

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Local Pubs and Breweries See Green on St. Patrick’s Day [INFOGRAPHIC]

March 17 marks the day when everyone in the U.S. is Irish. Americans show their Irish spirit by donning green apparel and celebrating the holiday with friends at their favorite …

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Grooming and Booming: The Pet Biz [INFOGRAPHIC]

Pets are family to lots of Americans, so it’s no surprise that U.S. households spend $41 billion annually on their pets. Small businesses constitute a significant share of the pet …

QB- best and worst states for business image

Best and Worst States for Business by Tax Laws [INFOGRAPHIC]

So many variables play into determining where to set up shop for a small business, and how favorable local government is to business surely warrants consideration. In this infographic, we …

tax cuts what do they mean for you image

Tax Cuts: What Do They Mean For You? [INFOGRAPHIC]

President Obama recently signed the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization and Job Creation Acts into effect. Given that these new pieces of legislation will impact a significant portion of Americans, …

QB- husband and wife businesses

For Better or For Worse: Husband and Wife Businesses [INFOGRAPHIC]

The idea of starting a family business appeals to many entrepreneurs. We know this because 90 percent of the 21 million small businesses in America are family owned, according to …

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The Cost to Connect [INFOGRAPHIC]

While small businesses may not think about their Internet connection until the monthly bill arrives or it slows down their productivity (or worse, stops it altogether), they often depend on …

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Weighing the Options: To Franchise or Self-Start [INFOGRAPHIC]

More than 700,000 small businesses in the U.S. are franchises, meaning they apply another firm’s business model to their individual businesses. The franchisee adopts everything from the franchisor’s brand name to the goods and services it offers for a fee or a cut of sales. While the franchisor’s success hinges on the success of its franchisees, franchisees own direct stakes in their businesses. Well-known franchises include Subway, The UPS Store, and Cold Stone CreameryMore »

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Ten Years of QuickBooks Online [INFOGRAPHIC]

Since we first introduced QuickBooks Online ten years ago, small businesses have sent 155 million invoices, logged $1.3 trillion in expenses, and entered a whopping $5 trillion in revenue — …

QB- when weather strikes image

Small Biz Weathers the Storm [INFOGRAPHIC]

Whether a small business is based indoors or outdoors, chances are it is affected by severe weather. Snow storms, heavy rainfall, high winds and the like stall outdoor labor (e.g. construction) and keep people off the streets – including employees, shoppers, and other patrons – from coast to coast. While we can think of lots of small businesses who have to shut down operations during bad weather, there are a number of small businesses who rely on the wrath of Mother Nature to rake in the dough. Think of snow plowers or shovelers (like @ShovelBoys). We took a look at the many ways severe weather impacts small businesses by industry and geography… More »

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The Small Business Outlook for 2011 [INFOGRAPHIC]

As 2010 came to a close, we published an infographic that offered a look back at the biggest rewards and challenges of being a small business owner in 2010, and a look ahead at the small business perspective as we entered 2011. Now three weeks into the new year, let’s take another look at what small businesses said they expected of the economy and of their businesses in 2011… More »

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Extended family in living room smiling photo

Keepin’ It in the Family [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some of the first small businesses in America were appropriately titled “mom and pop shops,” owned and operated by families. Centuries later, not much has changed – 90 percent of the 21 million small businesses in America are family-owned, according to the Small Business Administration. While some “mom and pop shops” expand to Wal-Mart sized proportions, others continue the American heritage of staying small and family-owned. Take a look at the state of U.S. businesses, both large and small, that keep it all in the family… More »

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The Small Business Year in Review and Outlook 2011 [INFOGRAPHIC]

As we count down the final days of 2010, we took the pulse of small businesses in America to hear their biggest challenges and rewards of 2010 and their perspective of what’s to come in 2011. While small businesses are still feeling the brunt of the recession, they enter 2011 motivated to grow and with realistic expectations… More »

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