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Employee Wellness Programs Keep Your Small Business Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise

For a small business, losing just one employee to frequent sick days or an extended absence can lead to significant productivity losses. It can also damage morale as the remaining …

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The Week in Small Business – 04.16.11

We do the legwork of finding the best in small business news and links. You have more time to do what you love. Obama Signs 1099 Repeal If you’re scrambling …

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Commerce Sec. Gary Locke on Small Business, Taxes, and Saving Money

The Intuit Small Business Blog is pleased to present a guest post from Gary Locke, the United States Secretary of Commerce. Since Day One of the Obama administration, the empowerment …

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How Small Business Owners Can Save Money on Healthcare Costs

If you’re a small business owner or are self-employed, you’re vulnerable to dramatically rising health insurance premiums, which often go up by more than 10 percent each year. Health reform …

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How Austin Lets Musicians Make a Living Rockin’ and Rollin’

A major reason why folks are flocking to the SXSW festival this month is because of  hundreds of live concerts happening all over town. But the fun doesn’t stop in …

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A Mom Promoting Oral Care Candy

Nan Elvia is a mother who had horrible teeth and painful problems as a child. Because of that, she has a vision of wanting to help all kids – as …

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The Week in Small Business – 01.08.11

We do the legwork of finding the best in small business news and links. You have more time to do what you love. Unemployment Surprises with Significant Drop The national …

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The Year in Small Business – 2010

In this special year-end recap, we take a look back at the top stories and trends that affected small business in 2010. We do the legwork of finding the best …

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IRS Offers New Guidance on Small Business Health Care Tax Credit

The taxman cometh, and the taxman will most certainly taketh — but in the meantime, the taxman giveth. The IRS recently issued final instructions and forms for small businesses hoping …

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Co-op Thinks Big for Small Business Health Insurance

Tired of hearing about health care? It would be tough to blame you. The headlines seem to trumpet nothing but certain doom: skyrocketing costs, prolonged political battles, and tens of …

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Senator Proposes Repeal of Expanded 1099 Rule

Your paperwork load won’t get any lighter, but it at least might stay the same. U.S. Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) on Friday announced that he would introduce legislation to eliminate …

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