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The Business Benefits of Providing Snacks as an Employee Perk

Providing employees with nutritious snacks should never be viewed as an unnecessary business expense. That’s because unhealthy snacking can lead to health-related issues that cost companies even more time and …

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Affordable Care Act Enrollment Deadline Is March 31

If you are planning to secure insurance coverage for yourself or your employees through the new health care marketplace, the deadline to do so is fast approaching: March 31 is …

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Managing Maternity Leave When You’re Self-Employed

Are you thinking about having a baby? When you’re self-employed, planning your maternity leave can be a challenge. Although you won’t have to return to work on someone else’s timetable, …

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Calculating Health Insurance Subsidies When You’re Self-Employed

Many small-business owners struggle to obtain high-quality health insurance at affordable prices. The Affordable Care Act promises to change that, with the relaunch of the federal Health Insurance Marketplace. When purchasing …

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How Does the Affordable Care Act Impact Your Small Business? [INFOGRAPHIC]

On March 31, 2014, the Affordable Care Act will make health insurance mandatory for most Americans. Most employees will be required by law to have health coverage or pay a …

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Affordable Care Act Online Enrollment Delayed for Small Businesses

The Obama administration last week announced a one-year delay for some small businesses planning to buy health insurance coverage online for their employees. In the meantime, instead of applying for …

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How to Reduce Germs in the Workplace

As the fourth quarter begins, small-business owners can anticipate more than the rigors of Black Friday. Cold and flu season is also upon us. If you aren’t careful, germs will thrive …

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How to Comply With the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act’s marketplace opens today — despite the federal government’s budgetary shutdown — so it’s time for small-business owners to take steps to remain in compliance with the …

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Managing Employee Maternity and Paternity Leave in Your Small Business

What would you do if an employee announced today that he or she is expecting a baby and will be taking leave in several months? Would you know the law …

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Health Care Reform

Portions of the Affordable Care Act that apply to small businesses are set to take effect on Oct. 1. Are you ready? With different dates, guidelines, numbers, and requirements floating around, …

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Make Your Employee Benefits Package More Attractive

Benefits can help your small business attract — and keep — smart, talented, and reliable employees. But many entrepreneurs worry that offering substantial perks can cut into their relatively modest …

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How Will the New Health Care Law Affect Your Business?

You may have heard that under the Affordable Care Act businesses with 50 or more employees will be fined for not providing health insurance benefits. That provision remains in place, but …

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White House Delays Mandatory Employer-Provided Health Care

The Obama administration says it will push back by one year a key piece of the Affordable Care Act that would require some businesses to provide health insurance to their …


Quiz: Are You Ready for the Affordable Care Act?

The Affordable Care Act will soon be the law of the land. Take this short quiz to build up your health law knowledge. (Don’t peek — answers are at the …

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5 Tips for Starting an Employee Fitness Program

With the changes in the Affordable Care Act, employers are focusing increasingly on wellness and prevention in the workplace, according to Regardless of whether you offer health insurance to …

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