The Environment and Small Business

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Social Entrepreneurship: Building a Business for Social Good

You want to do work that makes a meaningful difference to society — but at the same time, you need to make sure you can pay your mortgage and student …

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San Francisco Bans Yellow Pages: How Should Your Business React?

Last month, San Francisco became the first U.S. city to effectively ban the Yellow Pages. In an effort to reduce the 7 million pounds of paper waste processed by city …

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Food Writer Cooks Up Success At Local Farmers’ Markets

Amelia Saltsman had been writing about food for over 20 years when she penned and self-published the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook in 2007. She hoped it would sell well, …

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Cloud-Based Services Can Save Money, But at What Cost?

Is cloud computing green? It’s a question everyone seems to be asking with renewed vigor lately, ever since Greenpeace released a report about the energy efficiency — or lack thereof …

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How You Can Help Suss Out Green Opportunities for Small Businesses

Identifying green opportunities that not only support people and the planet but also help small businesses turn a profit can be a challenging endeavor — yet it’s one that Green …

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Become a Two-Wheeled Commuter for Bike-to-Work Week

It’s time to put away the car keys and put on the bike shorts. Today marks the beginning of “Bike-to-Work Week,” which runs through May 20. Friday is earmarked as …

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Business Trip Tips: 5 Ways to Make Air Travel a Little Greener

“Business travel is bouncing back,” the Associated Press declared earlier this year, reporting that U.S. companies are expected to spend 5 percent more on travel  in 2011 than they did …

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Read a Book, Plant a Tree

Comedian Tina Fey’s best-selling memoir, Bossypants, features many humorous endorsements on its back cover, but one of them doubles as a reminder of the environmental costs associated with consuming printed …

small house image’s New Green Loans Support Sustainable Startups

Small loans can often make a big difference in whether or not a startup succeeds., a San Francisco-based pioneer in micro-lending, last week introduced a new category of financing …

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10 Top iPhone and iPad Apps to Help Your Business Go Green

Want your business to go green? (It’s Earth Day, after all.) There’s an app for that! There are a number of iPhone and iPad apps that can help make your …

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7 Sustainable Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

“Our goal is a new American ethic that sets new standards for progress, emphasizing human dignity and well-being rather than an endless parade of technology that produces more gadgets, more …

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Bison Brewing’s Daniel Del Grande Seeks Sustainability and Solidarity

Across the country, more and more people are enjoying the ability to choose between organic foods and their pesticide-ridden counterparts, and if Bison Brewing Company owner Daniel Del Grande has …

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4 Tips for Evaluating Suppliers for Sustainability

How and where you source products and services speaks volumes about your commitment to sustainability. Your choices can either reaffirm or undermine your efforts — and affect how customers perceive …

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Ebay: Internet Provides Retailers a Lean, Green Route to Success

The death of mom-and-pop shops has been greatly exaggerated. Although some have blamed online shopping for their ostensible demise, the internet is actually restoring opportunities for independent retailers. That’s the …

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The 7 Habits of Highly Sustainable Businesses

Most companies, regardless of their size or industry, believe that sustainability is becoming a mainstream, even essential, element of business strategy. Those hoping to gain competitive advantage, therefore, should be …

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