The Environment and Small Business

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How Sharing Resources Can Help Your Business

When Caterina Rindi needed a label maker for her small business, Mo Foods, she didn’t rush to the store to purchase one. She tapped NeighborGoods, a sharing site, to borrow …

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Sustainability as a Core Business Value: PlayNetwork Goes Green

Saving money is a great benefit of going green, but it’s only one of many reasons that companies choose to pursue sustainability initiatives. Some, like Green Business Bureau member PlayNetwork, …

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New Green Your Business Forum Launched at Intuit Community

Intuit, in partnership with the Green Business Bureau, has launched a new Green Your Business forum in the Intuit Community. This forum provides a space to address the challenges you …

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Three Twins Cranks Out Organic Ice Cream Success

I’m blessed to have been born with a twin brother. I’ve also worked as a soda jerk in a San Francisco ice cream shop one summer while I was in …

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VerTerra Turns Fallen Leaves Into Growing Business

While traveling through a remote area of India, Michael Dwork’s mind was taken aback by the sight of women on the roadsides of villages that appeared to be baking palm …

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Sustainable Photography: Ideas for Running a Green Studio

Business owner Tyson Ellis has always seen a relationship between buildings and the environment, and his photography business has tried to highlight those connections in their eco-architectural photography. “All architecture …

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The Etsy-Style Marketplace for Green Goods

Selling products in the green space isn’t unusual in today’s market, but finding a free and reputable place that offers them to a targeted customer base can be. Enter Ecobold, …

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How to Green Your Customer Interactions — And Save Money

Practicing sustainability when interacting with your customers lets them know they are purchasing from an environmentally responsible company. It can also improve your customer experience, provide them with the ability …

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Indoor Air Quality and Your Employees’ Health

Have you thought about the quality of the air in your office space? The EPA has found that indoor air is typically two to five times more polluted than outdoor air, …

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Choosing Sustainability in an Uncertain Economy

With a tight budget in an uncertain economy, have you held off on making investments in going green? Even knowing the long-term benefits of eco-friendly initiatives, are you worried that …

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Finding the Good Through GoodGuide

Is the sunscreen you’re slathering on your child made with potentially toxic chemicals? Was your lipstick tested on animals? Were the factory workers who made your cell phone treated well? …

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Social Entrepreneurship: Building a Business for Social Good

You want to do work that makes a meaningful difference to society — but at the same time, you need to make sure you can pay your mortgage and student …

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San Francisco Bans Yellow Pages: How Should Your Business React?

Last month, San Francisco became the first U.S. city to effectively ban the Yellow Pages. In an effort to reduce the 7 million pounds of paper waste processed by city …

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Food Writer Cooks Up Success At Local Farmers’ Markets

Amelia Saltsman had been writing about food for over 20 years when she penned and self-published the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook in 2007. She hoped it would sell well, …

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Cloud-Based Services Can Save Money, But at What Cost?

Is cloud computing green? It’s a question everyone seems to be asking with renewed vigor lately, ever since Greenpeace released a report about the energy efficiency — or lack thereof …

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