The Environment and Small Business

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Attending Green Business Events

For any business with an interest in pursuing sustainability initiatives, it can be a challenge to keep up to date on the constantly evolving ideas that can help you meet …

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The Role of Small Business in Greening the U.S. Military

The United States military’s global presence and its wide variety of responsibilities create a significant need for support from small businesses in achieving its initiatives. This increasingly includes support for …

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4 Ways to Turn Your Urban Homestead into a Business

Chicken coops, vegetable gardens, and rainwater collectors are popping up in backyards across the U.S., as a new breed of DIYers known as urban homesteaders strive to become more self-sufficient. …

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Why Bike-Sharing Programs Are Good Business

Amy Harcourt and Kurt Wallace Martin are life and work partners who’ve turned their passion for cycling into a consulting business. Bikes Make Life Better helps companies provide bicycle sharing …

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Take it Offsite: Have a Green Company Outing

Remember those sunny days back in school when the teacher would take class outside?  While the lesson plan was the same, being outside added a new, exciting dynamic to group …

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Green Tours Offer a Glimpse of Sustainable Resources

Many people wish they could do more to protect the planet, but they aren’t aware of the resources available in their area. Marissa LaMagna is making it her business to …

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Five Ways to Use Green To Grow Your Business with Marketing and PR

Green messaging is everywhere these days – from billboards to magazine advertisements, restaurant menus to gas pumps.  There’s a reason for that.  While going green can drive down costs and …

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Do Green Hotels Get More Guests?

As businesses across industries are learning, going green is all about the numbers.  Hospitality and lodging is no different. If you’re in the lodging biz, how would you like to …

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Carbon Confusion: Deciphering Your Carbon Impact and the Alternatives for Offsetting It

Carbon footprints, renewable energy certificates, carbon offsets, green tags, carbon credits – global warming has introduced a whole new vocabulary to businesses concerned about their effect on the environment.  With …

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H-2-Oh! Small Office Water Options

While the office water cooler is known as being a place for casual conversation and juicy gossip, its main purpose is to provide the water we all need to remain …

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Composting at the Office

Your business may already be recycling a full range of materials. Paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, and metal are all generally collected by commercial recyclers, and making receptacles for these materials …

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Super 8 Ukiah Brings Green to the Hospitality Industry

As electric and hybrid cars have begun to enter the auto mainstream, states like California have been leading the way in promoting the use of these low- or no-emission vehicles. Through …

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4 Ways to Increase the Power of Promotional Items

Promotional items emblazoned with a business logo and website are often one of the first marketing investments for a small business, but do you know whether or how much they …

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5 Ways to Encourage Customers to Bring Their Own Bags

All around the country, there’s a war on plastic bags. San Francisco has largely banned the things since 2007. Now, Los Angeles County’s plastic bag ban went into effect on …

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How to Engage Employees in Green Initiatives

Making the choice to green your business is a significant step towards sustainability, but engaging your staff in the process is equally important for ensuring success with your goals. Employees …

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