The Environment and Small Business

green couchsurfing

CouchSurfing CEO Daniel Hoffer on Becoming a B Corporation is a Silicon Valley enterprise that values the term “good” more than “growth.” For seven years, the nonprofit organization turned away venture-capital investment offers, preferring to remain independent and …

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green gift

Green Giving for Small Businesses

The end of the year is approaching, and you’re in need of some last-minute gifts for vendors, clients, or staff. Consider green giving. Sustainable gifts help you demonstrate your company’s …


Managing Your Business’ Special Waste Sustainably

Different industries generate different types of trash, and special waste (used tires, construction debris, oils and grease, toxic chemicals, etc.) creates disposal challenges for some small businesses. Many municipalities collect …

detroit rock city

Bantom Brings Home $25,000 Hiring Grant to Help Grow Green Business

In return for helping others go green in their businesses, Rhonda Bantom is being rewarded with some green of her own. Bantom’s Detroit, Michigan-based Bantom Global Industries — a contract …

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medical waste

Small Business Drives Sustainability in the Biomedical Industry

Hospitals and laboratories produce millions of tons of waste every year. Disposing of this waste — from biohazardous material to pharmaceuticals — is a complex process that requires careful treatment …

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intuit logo

Intuit Releases First Sustainability Report

Increasingly, companies are adopting sustainability reporting as part of their efforts to become good corporate citizens and demonstrate they are operating in an environmentally responsive manner. Many times, these efforts …

snow on the roof

Sustainable Winter: 5 Ways to Prepare Your Business for Cold Weather

As colder weather sets in, it’s a good idea to prepare your business facilities and operations accordingly. Taking some simple steps now can help keep your utility bills low, your …

restaurant trash

Going Green in the Restaurant Industry

The restaurant industry has seen a growing interest in sustainability-conscious menus, with clients increasingly seeking local, organic foods. However, going green as a restaurant can mean much more than just changes …

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Recycled-T-Shirt Company Grows with Social Media Help

Tim Cigelske was always drawn to quirky T-shirts yet frustrated by their prices. “I got really sick of paying $25 for a T-shirt that’s going to be entertaining for about …

holiday garbage

Going Green for the Holiday Season with your Business

The holidays can be a busy time of year for many small businesses, but as you ramp up your operations, it also offers many opportunities to reduce waste and demonstrate …

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Bob Donegan

Seattle Businesses Work to Achieve Carbon Neutrality

The latest Battle in Seattle isn’t being waged by protestors in the streets. Instead, local officials have set a lofty goal for fighting the effects of climate change. In 2010, …

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green car

Greening the Auto Industry with the Help of Small Business

Car manufacturers have been increasingly seeking to manage their environmental impact and the impact of their vehicles, particularly with the role of vehicle emissions in global climate change. Automaker Honda …

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Can Telecommuting Benefit Your Business?

Although many companies remain reluctant to offer telecommuting to their employees, there is growing evidence of the benefit from flexible working arrangements for the environment and for your business. The …


How China’s Growing Energy Demand Impacts Your Small Business

In 2010, China’s demand for energy exceeded that of any other country for the first time, even surpassing the energy consumption of the United States. BP’s 2011 Statistical Review of …

Jessica Scorpio photo

What Drives’s Jessica Scorpio

It’s been a whirlwind year for Jessica Scorpio (pictured). In May, she launched at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC, winning the conference’s coveted startup prize. In September, she and co-founders Sam …

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