The Environment and Small Business

Koorosh Zaerpoor

From Corporate Engineers to Sustainable Farmers

Tales of corporate executives who dream of transforming their passions into small businesses are common. But those who are able to realize their dream while maintaining a career and a …

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potted plants

5 Reasons to Bring Potted Plants to the Office

If you have a green thumb, you may want to consider bringing a few houseplants to the office. These natural air filters can create a healthier, happier work environment, according …

wind turbine

5 Entrepreneurial Endeavors Powered by the Wind

The lure of small-scale wind generation is spreading beyond isolated rural homesteads to urban subdivisions and small businesses. For example, officials in Sioux City, Iowa, recently changed zoning laws to …

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Bryan Burkhart

Flower Service Cultivates Managers and Revenue Growth with SEED

Just three years ago, Bryan Burkhart knew nothing about flowers. But now Burkhart (pictured) spends his days as CEO of H.Bloom, a floral service that sends fresh-cut bouquets to more …

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cut costs

5 Ways to Cut Costs Without Outsourcing

Outsourcing contracts are down 19 percent, according to this recent report, with many U.S. companies bringing operations back home. This is generally good news for the nation’s economy, but some …

the cleaning bouquet

Cleaning for a Good Cause Made Possible by Intuit

After serving eight years in the U.S. Navy, Danielle McCray wanted to start her own business as both a way to give back to her community of Florence, South Carolina, …

Ramon Alvarez

Ramon Alvarez Takes On Detroit with Electric Vehicles

Fascinated with cars all his life, Ramon Alvarez is finally realizing one of his longtime dreams: bringing affordable electric vehicles to the masses. “My conviction and my passion … fuel …


7 Digital Signing Apps for Contracts and Other Agreements

Leaving a paper trail is so 20th century. Using an electronic John Hancock to sign digital documents can save you time, money, and the environment. Digital signatures got their legitimate …


5 Ways to Steer Clear of False Advertising

Now that outspoken consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren has won her bid for the U.S. Senate, business leaders nationwide are anticipating increased scrutiny of their practices to make sure they’re complying …

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skinny biz

5 Ways “Lean” Operations Can Save You Money

Few businesses are more efficient than the makers of automobiles. In the late 1980s, an MIT research team coined the phrase “lean manufacturing” to describe Toyota’s streamlined operations. Today, “lean” …

dripping water tap

7 Ways to Cut Your Workplace Water Bills

Water rates are on the rise in the U.S., thanks in part to record-breaking drought conditions in many parts of the country. A 2011 study on commercial water consumption revealed …

emergency plan

Is Your Small Business Prepared for a Disaster?

Floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy destroy everything in their paths, including businesses. Yet disaster recovery planning is something many small-business owners put off, opting to …


6 Ways to Attract Cyclists to Your Business

Think that catering to cyclists is a waste of time? Think again. According to a 2011 study [PDF] released by Portland State University, two-wheeled traffic can boost sales at bars, …

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How a Fiber Artist Keeps It Together with Weave

Jamie Chan may be the busiest person you don’t know. She and her husband, Blas Herrera, run several arts-and-crafts- related businesses in San Francisco. She makes her own line of …

it's what's for dinner

Meat and Greet: Specialty Butchers Take to the Streets

Carnivores, rejoice! Local meat purveyors want your business, and they’re willing to come to your neighborhood to get it. An increasing number of artisans and entrepreneurs are mobilizing the traditional …

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