How to Hire and Manage Small Business Employees

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Is a Virtual Phone System for You?

Want the telephony capabilities of a giant corporation for a fraction of the price? Consider installing a virtual phone system. A virtual phone system delivers traditional business features (such as …

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8 Tips for Implementing BYOD

Don’t have an in-house IT department? No problem. Your small business can still benefit from having employees bring their own devices to work. By joining the bring-your-own device — or …


How to Stop Being a Micromanager

Are you a micromanager? Sometimes the first step toward changing unwanted behavior is admitting there’s a problem. As a small-business owner, do you regularly: Assign a project to an employee, …


3 Ways to Tell When Someone Is Lying to You

Too many people out there are willing to sacrifice their integrity for personal gain, especially when it comes to commerce. As a small-business owner, having the ability to detect deception …

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In the Trenches: A Big-Company Structure for a Small Business

Although Cranky Concierge is a growing company, it’s still pretty tiny. I employ just one full-time and two part-time staffers, plus four independent contractors who play different roles. However, because …

Maternity leave

Managing Employee Maternity and Paternity Leave in Your Small Business

What would you do if an employee announced today that he or she is expecting a baby and will be taking leave in several months? Would you know the law …

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personality test

Use Personality Assessments to Hire the Best Candidates

It’s tough to gauge a job applicant’s true self in a few emails or phone calls and a face-to-face interview. Personality-assessment tests can help you hire the right candidate — …

work training

How to Train Your Staff on a Budget

The back-to-school frenzy has come and gone, and with children and adults of all ages seated in classrooms across America, it’s a great time to think about training your staff. …

arch creative

4 Quick Tips for Boosting Your Creativity

Cultivating a powerful, results-oriented imagination can help you in numerous ways as a business leader. Whether it is involved in product development or problem solving, creativity offers a pathway to …

bad worker

How to Reform 4 Types of ‘Problem Employees’

No matter how hard you strive to recruit and hire overachievers, you may occasionally miss the mark. Given the high cost of turnover, your best bet is to try to …

health care

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Health Care Reform

Portions of the Affordable Care Act that apply to small businesses are set to take effect on Oct. 1. Are you ready? With different dates, guidelines, numbers, and requirements floating around, …

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In the Trenches: Building a Business With Less of Me

There’s no doubt that my name is synonymous with the Cranky Flier and Cranky Concierge. In fact, I’m so closely tied to the Cranky brand, which I built from scratch, …


How to Reduce Your Working Hours

Do you keep track of the number of hours you work each week? In a recent survey [PDF] by Yodle, an online marketing company, only 52 percent of small-business owners said …

teenager at work

Employing Teens During the School Year: Understanding the Legal Limits

Recent studies show that some 80 percent of students in the United States work part-time while they attend school. These workers — who range from high school to university students …

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Expert Advice on How to Be a More Confident Business Leader

Running a successful small business is reason enough to be confident about your leadership skills. But exuding that confidence doesn’t come easily for some entrepreneurs, which unfortunately may deter customers. …

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