How to Hire and Manage Small Business Employees

suzanne van houten

“Hair Queen” Shares Tips for Starting a Beauty Salon

Suzanne Van Houten of Swans Studios knows a lot about running a beauty business: The self-proclaimed “hair queen” has worked as a stylist and colorist for more than three decades, …


In the Trenches: Fighting Employee Burnout

This winter has been a brutally nasty one for much of the United States. For an air travel-assistance service like ours, inclement weather is actually a good thing — because …

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start your own business?

Career Coach: 4 Lesser-Known Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Toni Littlestone, owner of Work Vision, has met a lot of entrepreneurs in the past 25 years. As a career coach and counselor, she has worked with hundreds of professionals …

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How to Detox Your Small Business in 2014

Detox diets are popular among celebrities and the health conscious, especially after holiday binges. Can these periodic “cleanses” be beneficial for businesses, too? Author and small-business consultant Regina Anaejionu thinks …

shaking hands

How to Conduct Painless, Practical Employee Performance Reviews

Managers and employees alike often dread annual performance reviews, but when they are done well those reviews can help your business. Employee reviews are “one of the best management tools …

the temp

Tips for Working With Temps and Temp Agencies

Temporary workers can be a godsend. They meet your small-business needs at a lower cost than regular full-time employees with benefits, which is a huge plus when you don’t have …

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COMP January 2014 Data

Small Business Employment Continues Its Slow Recovery

The January 2014 Intuit Small Business Employment Index showed an increase in employment, although the pace of growth slowed slightly. Conversely, with the exception of the construction sector and the …

work happy

Why You Need an Employee Advocacy Strategy (and How to Implement One)

Some business owners scoff at the idea of worrying about whether their employees are content. It sounds callous, but it’s true. Yet happiness shouldn’t be ignored, because it leads to …

job candidates

How to Spot Job Candidates Who Can Grow Your Business

Costs associated with employees are among the biggest expenses you may bear as a small-business owner — and there’s no guarantee you’ll get a return on your investment from them. So, when …

performance review

Rethinking Employee Performance Reviews

Many employers hate to conduct performance evaluations, and many employees hate to receive them. That’s because performance evaluations are often ineffective and pointless, and the employees end up feeling confused, frustrated, …

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peers at work

Holacracy 101: Could This Nontraditional Business Structure Work for You?

As most entrepreneurs will attest, job titles don’t define or limit the roles you or your employees must perform to meet the daily demands of running a business. Because flexibility …

Anita Ramachandran

Free Online Program Helps Small-Business Owners Find Mentors

Ever wonder how much you and your business might benefit from a little sage advice, as in tips and guidance from someone who’s “been there, done that”? You can stop …


What to Do Before Hiring More Employees

If you’re thinking of expanding your operations this year, you may need to hire additional help to handle the workload. You won’t be alone: A recent survey of Inc. 5000 …


Don’t Let Social Media Damage Your Brand

Social media, when used properly, is a great tool for growing your business. When used improperly, however, it can actually damage the brand that you’ve worked so hard to build. If …


Should You Make Employee Salaries Transparent?

Buffer, a social media scheduling service, recently caused a stir in the tech world last month when it revealed its “open salary” formula and published the current salaries of 15 …

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