How to Hire and Manage Small Business Employees

Scott Leonard

Author Scott Leonard on Freeing Yourself From the Office

In 2011, Scott Leonard began living what for many small-business owners is only a dream: He took a “working sabbatical,” managing his financial-services firm remotely for nearly three years while sailing …

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Stookey on PG w Niagara

Leadership Lessons From the Sea

Crane Stookey brings a unique perspective to coaching business leaders and organizations through individual and systemic change. As a former tall-ship officer and founder of the Nova Scotia Sea School, …

March Small Business Employment

Cold Weather Impacts March Employment Growth

The latest Intuit Small Business Employment Index showed no employment growth in March, the second month in a row that small business employment has stalled. The Intuit Small Business Revenue …

overtime clock

Overtime Overhaul Could Add to Small-Business Overhead

President Obama recently directed the U.S. Labor Department to modify its regulations affecting overtime, opening the door to extra pay for millions of American workers. Among the regulations up for …

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health insurance

Affordable Care Act Enrollment Deadline Is March 31

If you are planning to secure insurance coverage for yourself or your employees through the new health care marketplace, the deadline to do so is fast approaching: March 31 is …

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Taped Cardboard

In the Trenches: Minimizing Mistakes

I hate making mistakes. Yet I realize that they’re bound to happen, despite our best efforts to get everything right. So, as Cranky Concierge continues to grow, I need to …

starbucks coffee

Starbucks Supply-Chain Program Holds Lessons for Small Businesses

Shortly after New Year’s, as customers craving warmth and comfort descended on a Starbucks in frigid North Canton, Ohio, store manager Beth Shelton was nowhere in sight. She was flying …

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Broken damaged smart phone isolated on white background

In the Trenches: The Difficulty of Going Mobile

We’ve all heard the news: Nearly a third of U.S.-based web traffic is mobile, PCs are dead, and if you aren’t using a touch screen, you aren’t cool. That means …

Newborn puppy in the caring hands

Pump Up Your Workforce With These Unusual, Affordable Employee Perks

On-site gyms, therapeutic massages, gourmet meals — the list of employee perks provided by Silicon Valley tech companies goes on and on. The goal, of course, is to lure and …

tug of war

In the Trenches: The Money vs. Time Tug-of-War

Last week’s post about team vs. individual customer service received some insightful comments from readers. Thank you! In particular, two people suggested that we resolve our problem by using a …

Intuit Small Business Employment Index Graphic

Small Business Employment Flat in February 2014

The latest Intuit Small Business Employment Index remained flat in February 2014, showing no new jobs added. Similarly, the Intuit Small Business Revenue Index showed a 0.09 percent decline in …


Are You Isolated as the Leader of Your Small Business?

They don’t say “it’s lonely at the top” for nothing. It can be. And isolation is often hard on a chief executive’s psyche and bad for business. Leaders may want …

women's pay as percent of men's pay

The Gender Pay Gap: State by State

As a small business owner, it’s important to be aware of average pay within your industry so you can figure out how much is fair to pay both an employee …

Keyboard questions

9 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Managed Service Provider

When it comes to managing the technologies that support their enterprises, many small-business owners just throw up their hands and turn the job over to professionals. Generally speaking, using a …


In the Trenches: Team vs. Individual Customer Service

In the early days of Cranky Concierge, I personally handled all client requests for flight-planning assistance. As the company grew, we shifted to a team-based approach, so we could provide …

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