How to Hire and Manage Small Business Employees


New Rules for 2013 Regarding Labor Posters

With the election over and a new year under way, we’re already seeing an uptick in legislative activity. State and federal changes that will likely affect U.S. employers in 2013 …

happy businessman

Healthy Habits That Empower Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs suffer fewer chronic health problems than the general U.S. population, a 2012 Gallup poll shows. The tendency of the self-employed to be self-disciplined apparently leads them to maintain healthier …

cell phone at work byod

4 Issues to Resolve Before Jumping on the BYOD Bandwagon

The BYOD trend is here to stay. New research cited by PC World shows that 30 percent of businesses now embrace letting employees bring their own mobile computing devices to …

gorilla workout

5 Mobile Apps for Working Fitness Into Your Busy Schedule

You’re probably not getting as much exercise as you should be. According to Bank of America’s 2012 Small Business Owner Report, 37 percent of entrepreneurs regularly sacrifice exercise in order …

paying a worker

How Much Does an Employee Really Cost?

Considering hiring an employee? It’s going to cost you far more than the salary you agree to pay. In fact, each person you hire could cost you twice that amount …

Intuit Small Business Employment Index Graphic

What Does Construction Have to Do With Small Business Employment?

Small businesses created 15,000 new jobs in February, totaling 75,000 new jobs added since February 2012. The Intuit Small Business Employment and Revenue Indexes showed that U.S. Small Business employment …

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kai flache

How Gaumenkitzel Tickles Its Customers’ Palates

In 2011, after working in the construction business for 20 years, Kai Flache and his wife, Anja Voth, opened the restaurant Gaumenkitzel in the San Francisco Bay Area. Flache handles …

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new office

Checklist: 5 Things You’ll Need When You Move Into Your First Office

Moving out of a home office and into an office building can be both exciting and stressful for entrepreneurs. That’s because, as a small-business owner, you’ll want to make sure …

Business strategy coach

Should You Hire a Business Coach?

Entrepreneurs are accustomed to going their own way: They take a great idea and make a business of it. But being independent and self-sufficient doesn’t always work to your advantage …

Koorosh Zaerpoor

From Corporate Engineers to Sustainable Farmers

Tales of corporate executives who dream of transforming their passions into small businesses are common. But those who are able to realize their dream while maintaining a career and a …

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potted plants

5 Reasons to Bring Potted Plants to the Office

If you have a green thumb, you may want to consider bringing a few houseplants to the office. These natural air filters can create a healthier, happier work environment, according …


Where Does Your Company Stand on Ergonomics?

Every few months, we hear about a new breakthrough in workplace ergonomics, one meant to protect office workers from the adverse health effects of prolonged computer use or sitting at …

stack of resumes

Hiring? Don’t Rule Out Unemployed Applicants

The job market has been tough for the past few years. Budget cutbacks, outsourcing, and shutdowns have left millions of Americans unable to find full-time work. Many of the unemployed …

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sales goals

How to Set Appropriate Sales Goals

Be careful what you wish when you set sales goals: Setting your sights too high can do more harm than good. Goals that are out of reach most often arise …

zombie employees

Are Your Employees Unmotivated Zombies?

There’s something zombie-like about unmotivated employees. They walk around with a glazed look in their eyes. They zone out during meetings, as if they’re thinking about their next feast on …

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