How to Hire and Manage Small Business Employees

responsible workers

How to Increase Employee Accountability

What proportion of your employees seeks to avoid responsibility? When AMA Enterprise, a division of American Management Association, asked senior-level business, human resources, and management professionals that question, their responses …


Get the Most From Your Employees

Employees are probably one of your largest expenses as a small-business owner. So it’s important to get the maximum results from each and every one of them. Here are some …

i quit

Don’t Allow a Key Employee’s Departure to Impact Your Business

Let’s face it, some employees are more valuable than others. When a key person quits, how do you assure a smooth transition? Here are a few pointers. 1. Conduct an …

mobile apps

How to Hire the Right Mobile App Developer

Having a high-quality website is important, but it’s no longer sufficient for building a viable online presence. In order to attract the nation’s growing number of smartphone users, your small …


Creating a Culture of Innovation

The mythology of startups today frequently centers on archetypes of brilliant founders and visionary designers who single-handedly build wildly successful, highly creative companies from scratch. Although these entrepreneurs do exist, …

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Sleep Genius Aims to Awaken Small-Business Productivity

Feel like you could use a little more sleep? You’re not alone. Researchers at Harvard Medical School say that at least 30 percent of the civilian workforce in the U.S. …

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service dog

5 Things Small Businesses Should Know About Service Dogs

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, U.S. businesses that serve the public are generally required to let service dogs go anywhere on the premises that customers are typically allowed, with …

company meeting

In the Trenches: Setting the Agenda

In May, I started talking about getting Cranky Concierge’s staff together for an annual meeting, and this week we’re doing just that. Although not everyone in the organization could make …


Tips for Establishing an Employee Texting Policy

Texting in the workplace often gets a bad rap. Yet it’s an easy, direct way to reach out to people when you need a quick response, whether or not you’re …

State Employment Growth

10 Out of 36 States Saw Employment Growth in June

This June, U.S. small businesses continued an upward trend in employment growth, adding 24,000 new jobs. Compensation and hours worked by small business employees also increased, according to the Intuit …


How to Use a Contest to Commission Freelance Work

Does your company need a logo? Perhaps a website redesign or a promotional piece? As a small-business owner, you probably do not need to forge a relationship with a high-end …

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Kevin Eikenberry

Kevin Eikenberry on Harnessing Your Leadership Power

When eager entrepreneurs open their own businesses, many don’t think about or fully understand the shift in mindset that’s required: They must quickly transition from subordinates into leaders, even if …

background check

In the Trenches: The Complexity of Background Checks

I thought the hard part of hiring a new employee would be finding the right person. After all, now that I have a couple of full-timers on staff, I have …

advisory board

Expand Your Strategic Vision with an Advisory Board

For time-strapped business owners, an advisory board can be a huge asset. Your board members can survey the market, your competition, legal and regulatory issues, and current trends and give …

Sad business woman with personal organizer.

Should You Revisit Your Unpaid Internship Program?

Just in time for summer, a federal court ruling in Manhattan should remind small-business owners to tread carefully when using unpaid interns. In mid-June, the U.S. District Court for the …

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