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Stephen Ura photo

Happy Customers (and Their Referrals) Keep This Dentist Smiling

When patients shop around for a new dentist, they tend to look for credentials, accolades, and longevity. Nashua, N.H.-based dentist Stephen Ura has all of the above: He’s maintained a …


South America Lures Silicon Valley Tech Startups

Silicon Valley continues to be a hotbed for technology innovation, but if you want to start a new tech company without spending a fortune on office space and salaries, and …

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lucky ant founder

Lucky Ant’s Jonathan Moyal on Crowdfunding for Small Businesses

For several years, independent artists, writers, and musicians have used crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo to raise capital for upcoming projects. Now, Jonathan Moyal’s startup, Lucky Ant, is …

humphry slocombe founders

For Humphry Slocombe, Twitter is the Cherry on Top of the Ice Cream

How does a local ice cream parlor transcend the plain-vanilla archetype? By not serving plain vanilla, for starters. Sure, purists can find mainstays like chocolate and mint chip on the …

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eric kent wines

Eric Kent Wine Cellars Survives Recession with Craftsmanship (and a Little Luck)

The wine business was booming in 2002 when Kent Humphrey sold his advertising company and invested in starting Eric Kent Wine Cellars. Unbeknown to him, the global financial crisis lurked just …

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the wiggles

Lessons from The Wiggles’ Big Branding Mistake

As the mother of a 2-year-old, The Wiggles are a familiar presence on my TV. So, I winced at the recent news that the jolly entertainers had ousted lead singer …

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paula deen at indie bookstore

How One Independent Bookstore Survives and Thrives in Tough Times

Digital publishing, intense competition from, and other factors have made it more difficult than ever for small bookstores to turn a profit. Even large national chains have struggled, sometimes …

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Betsy and Warren Talbot

How to Run a Small Business While Traveling the World

Betsy and Warren Talbot (pictured) wanted to travel the world for five years. In order to live their dream, they got rid of most of their possessions, including their house, …

buona caffe

Brewing Up a Niche Coffee-Roasting Business in the Shadow of Starbucks

When Pat and John Curry launched Buona Caffe, a specialty coffee-roasting company in Augusta, Ga., as a part-time venture in 2009, each entrepreneur had a “regular” job. Pat worked as …

Michelle Zatlyn

CloudFlare Founder on “Supercharging” Websites and Her Soaring Success

Michelle Zatlyn (pictured) is a go-getter, in every sense of the word. Armed with a degree in chemistry, she worked for Google and Toshiba, earned an MBA from Harvard Business …

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Kimberly Dillon head shot

No Glitter or Highlights Needed for This Buzzed-About Beauty Website

House of Mikko, which lets women recommend beauty products to one another, gets the kind of buzz and user interaction on its website that most businesses dream about: With a …

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closed sign

Kitchen Retailer Survives Downturn by Closing 3 Days a Week

Snowy weather and the recession nearly forced 30-year-old retailer Kitchen Kaboodle of Portland, Ore., into bankruptcy in 2009. But the five-store chain reinvented itself in a move many people thought …

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edible insects

Edible Insect Chef Garners Attention

When Monica Martinez debuted her “pre-Hispanic snackeria” at the San Francisco Street Food Festival in August, customers lined up to try her tacos stuffed with insects and larvae. “Don Bugito …

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steve lopez

How Tour Manager Steve Lopez Keeps Widespread Panic’s Wheels Rolling

When you’re a touring rock band, your to-do list is never done. You travel to the venue for soundcheck, give interviews, do radio promotions, perform a concert, meet fans, and …


Entrepreneur Sells Restaurant on His Own Terms

Sooner or later, you’ll ponder the idea of selling your business. But will you do it? That’s the question Michael Diedrick asked himself as the three-year anniversary of The National …

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