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Artisan Chocolate Maker Sweetens Profits by Using QuickBooks

Running a chocolate company can be a truly sweet gig, but the competition is fierce. So when Sarah Endline launched Sweetriot in 2005, she decided to differentiate her business by making …

kate - after

Making a Business out of Dressing for Success

“Most people think personal styling is for celebrities and debutantes. Our mission is to provide affordable styling that helps clients improve their confidence with flattering new looks,” says Corinne Phipps, founder …

Alexis Wolfer

Beauty Business Combines Fashion and Feminism

“Just because I like the latest nail polish or celebrity hairstyle, doesn’t mean I’m not smart,” says Alexis Wolfer (pictured), founder and editor-in-chief of the Beauty Bean, a hip, lively online magazine …

Nick Sarillo

Pizzeria Owner Turned Book Author Dishes on His Success

Nick’s Pizza & Pub is more than just a restaurant for owner Nick Sarillo (pictured), who started the small business in Crystal Lake, Ill., in 1995 and opened a second …

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efuneral’s Mike Belsito Breathes Life into the Business of Death

Sadly, tragedy was the mother of invention for Mike Belsito. After helping plan his cousin’s funeral, he came up with, a website that allows grieving families to comparison shop …

broken windshield

Indiana Small-Business Owner Wins $5,000 Grant from Intuit

ClearStar Windshield Repair of Carmel, Ind., is the latest winner of a $5,000 grant in Intuit’s Love a Local Business Campaign. “This is so cool!” says owner Paul Lawrence, who …

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Cards fans watch post-season games at Foley's

How Foley’s NY Pub & Restaurant Attracts Sports Fans of All Stripes

If you walk into a New York City bar during baseball season, you shouldn’t be surprised to see Yankees or Mets fans watching a game. But what about a large …

girl typing a newsletter

How to Create an Effective Email Newsletter

If you have a list of email contacts or are in the process of gathering one, sending out a regular e-newsletter may be just what you need to increase interest …

aria and warren buffett

Pint-Sized Entrepreneur on Perfecting Her Pitch and Meeting Warren Buffett

Making light-up holiday sweatshirts with her family sparked a business idea for 10-year-old Aria Eppinger. After it took her dad “forever” to finish soldering her creation, the pint-size entrepreneur from …

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Tom Losee and Jeff Archer (YOLO Board) - Chris Rogers

Stand-Up Paddleboard Company Rides Waves with Multiple Income Streams

Sales were swimming along at a fast clip, but in order to keep growing their business, Tom Losee and Jeff Archer knew they needed to pick up the pace. So, …

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sports bar

Does a Hot Local Sports Team Lead to Small-Business Success?

The world of professional sports is big business. U.S. consumers spent more than $22 billion last year on spectator sports alone, according to the finance group WR Hambrecht + Co …

it's what's for dinner

Meat and Greet: Specialty Butchers Take to the Streets

Carnivores, rejoice! Local meat purveyors want your business, and they’re willing to come to your neighborhood to get it. An increasing number of artisans and entrepreneurs are mobilizing the traditional …

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canine divine

How a Dog Groomer Found Her Small-Business Niche

Small businesses are thriving in the historic town of Southern Pines, N.C., and their secret seems to be effective niche marketing. You can find innovative theater experiences, one-of-a-kind clothing, and …

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the lawn butler

Lawn Butler Saves Time, Money with Intuit’s Direct Deposit, Pay Card

When Suzzie Douglas started a lawn-care business with her husband, Roy, in 1997, she was simply looking for a way to stay home with her young daughter. Fifteen years later, …

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grant-lee phillips

How Musicians Are Using Crowdfunding to Ditch Record Labels

Until recently, working with a record label was a necessary evil for most musicians. Few artists had the financial resources to record an album in a studio, market and distribute …

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