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moxie jean

Moxie Jean Finds Success in Used Baby Clothes

Anyone who’s been around babies knows that they quickly outgrow every item of clothing. One cost-effective strategy for keeping a kid well-dressed is recycling, either by accepting hand-me-downs from family …

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Sheila Cluff

Spa Pioneer Sheila Cluff on Living Her Dream

Sheila Cluff, founder of The Oaks at Ojai in California, is known not only for starting America’s first real spa in 1977, but also for helping to create the International …

ducky made in the USA

It’s Just Ducky Manufacturing in the U.S.A.

The Rubber Ducky is an American icon. As such, Craig Wolfe believes that its future descendants should be made in the United States. “The rubber duck was actually invented in …

coupon shopping experts

How 4 Busy Moms Make Their Small Businesses Work

Moms who run small businesses often lead double lives, managing both a company and a household with kids. Although it can be tough to keep everyone — spouses, children, partners, …

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kai flache

How Gaumenkitzel Tickles Its Customers’ Palates

In 2011, after working in the construction business for 20 years, Kai Flache and his wife, Anja Voth, opened the restaurant Gaumenkitzel in the San Francisco Bay Area. Flache handles …

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Koorosh Zaerpoor

From Corporate Engineers to Sustainable Farmers

Tales of corporate executives who dream of transforming their passions into small businesses are common. But those who are able to realize their dream while maintaining a career and a …

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Bryan Burkhart

Flower Service Cultivates Managers and Revenue Growth with SEED

Just three years ago, Bryan Burkhart knew nothing about flowers. But now Burkhart (pictured) spends his days as CEO of H.Bloom, a floral service that sends fresh-cut bouquets to more …

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Monica Bhide

Cookbook Author Turns a New Page with a Line of Chocolates

Despite three cookbooks, an illustrious food-writing career, and being recognized for her social media savvy, engineer-turned-entrepreneur Monica Bhide was hungry for more. So she’s developed her own line of chocolate …

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winner winner chicken dinner

5 Lessons from Ernst & Young’s 2012 Entrepreneurs of the Year

Each year, Ernst & Young names a cadre of business owners as Entrepreneurs of the Year in various categories and then picks one overall winner. In 2012, the global accounting …

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Spring Lounge

How Hurricane Sandy Brought Big Business to New York Bars

During a hurricane — particularly one as dangerous as Sandy — most people have the no interest in venturing out. To encourage more of them to weather the storm inside …

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Entrepreneur Cleans Up in a Dirty Business

When Eliza Kendall was a child, people often asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. She gave lots of replies over the years, but never once …

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facebook screen capture image

Facebook Fuels Sales for Small Businesses

With less than two months on Facebook, toy company CharlieDog and Friends is typically selling $500 to $1,000 in product per day — the bulk of its online sales — …

dandelion chocolate

What Do Technology and Chocolate Have in Common?

For Todd Masonis and Cameron Ring, starting a chocolate-making business hasn’t differed too much from launching a technology startup. The Stanford University friends co-founded Plaxo, an online address book, almost …

debbie dejesus

Retailer Closes Her Store to Go Mobile Instead

Renting a retail storefront requires a lot of overhead, which can cause small-business owners to struggle to stay afloat, particularly in a sluggish economy. Debbie Dejesus found a solution: Close …

surfin seafood

Seattle Moms Succeed in Seafood by Keeping It Simple

When Tina Montgomery’s husband began working for a seafood distribution company, T.H. Seafood, the family was suddenly awash in high-quality, fresh fish, a bounty they shared freely with their friends. One …

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