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cotton cloud futon

Futon Store Owner Buys Her Own Cotton Factory and Improves Bottom Line

“You have to absolutely love what you’re doing,” says entrepreneur Terri Treat. The owner of Cotton Cloud Futons in Portland, Ore., is so passionate about her business, she bought the …

Jose Li image

How Your Business Can Cash In on On-Time Delivery Guarantees

Jose Li picked up a few things during the roughly six years he ran FedEx’s e-commerce division. One thing was that, although shipping giants do a fine job overall, they …

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goldie blox video shoot

Meet the Big Winner of Intuit’s Small Business Big Game Program

While Monday-morning quarterbacks recap and analyze yesterday’s big game, one thing is certain: A California small business scored in the third quarter when its first major-league TV commercial aired, thanks …

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target vine

What You Can Learn From 4 Big Brands Using Vine

The debate lingers over whether Instagram Video or Vine is a better platform for brand marketing. But one thing is certain: Vine offers a unique and effective means to deliver quick …

Andy Charlie Nelson

How Two Brothers Revived a Long-Defunct Family Business

When Andy and Charlie Nelson opened a business together in Tennessee, they decided not to start from scratch. Instead, the brothers resurrected a family distillery that had been closed since …

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curry up now truck

Food Trucks Help Mortgage Banker Reinvent Himself as Restaurateur

“I love the food truck, the concept of street food,” says Akash Kapoor, CEO and co-founder, with his wife, Rana, of Curry Up Now food trucks and restaurants in the …

Isenhower Crush

How Financial Crisis Led a Winery to Success

Running a winery isn’t easy. There are grapes to cultivate or buy, fermentation processes to oversee, product to bottle and sell, customers to please, and bills to pay. And when the great …

Montero Teaching

How a Ballet School Thrives in Unusual Digs

When Galmont Ballet outgrew its commercial space in a Florida strip mall, owners Frank Galvez and Lucia Montero chose an unorthodox new space for their Centre for Dance Education: an …

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Emily Greene

Professionalism Pays Off for a Violin Instructor

After years of running her Suzuki violin studio in a forgiving manner, such as not insisting on payment for missed lessons, Emily Greene (pictured) decided to get tough. Greene drafted …

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feelgoodz founder kyle berner

Footwear Company Founder Runs With a Good Idea

It turns out good business ideas can grow on trees — or at least stem from them. Feelgoodz founder Kyle Berner says he got his idea for a successful small …

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Hagie Employees

Want to Be Like Zappos? Get Insights Directly From the Company

Zappos is renowned for its open corporate culture and stellar customer service. But following the online retailer’s lead — and building similar best practices into your small business — may …

new year's resolution

New Year’s Resolutions That Really Worked for Small Businesses

What are your plans for growing your business in the new year? When we posed this question in the past, you told us that you wanted to do things like …

Mark Hatch Photo

TechShop CEO Offers a Manifesto for the Maker Movement

“I’m a trained revolutionary, in a sense,” says Mark Hatch, a Green Beret turned innovator and author of the recently published The Maker Movement Manifesto: Rules for Innovation in the …

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just do it

Lessons From the Greatest 20th-Century Ad Campaigns

In 1999, Advertising Age published a list of the top ad campaigns of the 20th century. Although these pitches may seem like ancient history, their underlying strategies can be used …

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justen garrity

Compost Fuels an Iraq Vet’s Future

When Justen Garrity (pictured) returned home in 2009, after serving five years in the U.S. Army, including assignments in Iraq and South Korea, he found himself unemployed in one of the worst job …

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