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dr. physick soda label image

Del Conner Revisits American and Family History With Country’s First Soda Pop

In 1807, Dr. Philip Syng Physick, the “Father of American Surgery,” began prescribing artificially carbonated water to his Philadelphia patients as a remedy for upset stomachs. Physick later suggested to …

Duck Duck Moose founders photo

Duck Duck Moose Taps Kids with Innovative iPad Apps

Three years ago, Caroline Hu Flexer saw how appealing her iPhone was to her then two-year-old daughter. But at the time, Apple’s App Store was just getting off the ground …

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Valpo Velvet photo

Indiana Momprenuer Is a Sweet Small Business Success [VIDEO]

It’s been said that the phrase “working mother” is redundant, but so-called “mompreneurs” who balance the roles of mother and entrepreneur are succeeding in small business today like never before. …

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Lonesome Pizza photo

How a Portland Pizza Joint Mixes Culture with Cuisine

Portland, Oregon has plenty of options for pizza. Many of them, like Lonesome’s Pizza, use gourmet ingredients like shiitake mushrooms or fresh basil. Lonesome’s Pizza doesn’t even have a seating …

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cindy pickering and jennifer palmer photo

A Mother-Daughter Duo’s Recipe for Small Business Success

Running a salsa business with her mother showed Cindy Pickering the challenges of starting a food business, including getting permits and paying for kitchen space. That’s why Pickering and her …

woman taking picture image

To Megan Hargroder, Social Media Is All About Conversations

The recession hit many young college graduates especially hard as they were left wondering how and why their anticipated careers and dreams could have vanished so prematurely. Yet, there are …

Dan Measuring Hops photo

Bison Brewing’s Daniel Del Grande Seeks Sustainability and Solidarity

Across the country, more and more people are enjoying the ability to choose between organic foods and their pesticide-ridden counterparts, and if Bison Brewing Company owner Daniel Del Grande has …

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heather patz photo

Running a Business With Your Ex-Spouse

Ending a marriage is hard enough, but when you and your soon-to-be-ex also own a business together, it creates an extra layer of complication. Should one of you buy the …

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Founders of Azalea photo

Turning a Passion for Fashion into a Trendy Business

Catherine Chow and Corina Nurimba were young college graduates with a love for fashion — but little business or retail experience — when they decided to start Azalea, a clothing …

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food spread photo

Japanese Restaurant Owners Evolve Their Neighborhood, Venue, and Menu

Mari Takahashi and Gil Payne ran Sozai, a successful “Izakaya” in San Francisco’s Inner Sunset District for over a year. Though they enjoyed running this traditional Japanese restaurant where people …

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mother and daughters photo

For This Teenpreneur, Running a Jewelry Business is a “Snap”

Maddie Bradshaw came up with the idea for Snap Caps and M3 Girl Designs when she was 10 years old. Now 15, Maddie teamed up with her mom and 11-year-old …

letter mail image

Greening Your Mail Can Reduce Costs, Save the Planet

Many entrepreneurs would like to make environmentally friendly choices, but when push comes to shove, the only green they really care about is making money. Business, after all, is about …

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Dave Bolotsky Uncommongoods photo

Uncommongoods Works Towards a Better World

When shopping online, the average consumer never stops to think about how a particular company treats its employees or if the conditions of the outsourced factory where its mass produced …

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Crepes restaurant photo

Austin’s Hottest Startups: Food Trailers, Trucks, and Carts

The mobile food trailer, food truck, and food cart are the new wave of Austin eateries, and they’re taking off like gangbusters, accounting for many of the official startups in …

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jess caragliano photo

Music Marketing Company Terrorbird Media and New Artists See SXSW Opportunity

For emerging bands and musicians, a performance in Austin during South By Southwest (SXSW) can be a once in a lifetime opportunity to grab the attention of hotshot record executives. …

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