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Brew The Right Thing: The Local San Diego Sells Local Events

The Local Eatery and Drinking Hole in San Diego is a thriving independent bar and restaurant near the Gaslamp District, where it’s been making a name for itself as a …

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Online Magazine Caters to Savvy College Women, Scores Major Ad Deals

Despite headlines predicting the publishing industry’s demise, online magazine, is flourishing thanks to a team of college-aged writers and partnerships with Juicy Couture, LOFT, The Body Shop, and other …

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Three Twins Cranks Out Organic Ice Cream Success

I’m blessed to have been born with a twin brother. I’ve also worked as a soda jerk in a San Francisco ice cream shop one summer while I was in …

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VerTerra Turns Fallen Leaves Into Growing Business

While traveling through a remote area of India, Michael Dwork’s mind was taken aback by the sight of women on the roadsides of villages that appeared to be baking palm …

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Groupon and Daily Deal Sites Facing a Growing Backlash [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you run a consumer-facing small business, chances are you’ve been approached already by one of the growing surge of “daily deal” websites. The sales pitches are tempting… but are …

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Sustainable Photography: Ideas for Running a Green Studio

Business owner Tyson Ellis has always seen a relationship between buildings and the environment, and his photography business has tried to highlight those connections in their eco-architectural photography. “All architecture …

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Born On The Fourth of July: Pyro Spectaculars by Souza

The Fourth of July conjures up images of booming, skyrocketing, jaw-dropping fireworks displays that light up the night sky. If you’re lucky enough to see one at your county fair, …

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The Etsy-Style Marketplace for Green Goods

Selling products in the green space isn’t unusual in today’s market, but finding a free and reputable place that offers them to a targeted customer base can be. Enter Ecobold, …

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Turning a Passion for the Islands (and Coffee) into a Business

Drive-thru java shops are usually seen in big cities where coffee house giants such as Starbucks open them up to speed up service for their coffeeholic, commuting customers. However, small, …

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Small Town Beer Executive Taps Nationwide Success

Doug Moody might have one of the best jobs anywhere. As Senior Vice President of North Coast Brewing Company in the historic Northern California town of Fort Bragg, he sells …

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Entrepreneur on a “Roll” With Party Trailers for Kids

Elementary school teacher turned entrepreneur Michael Falgares got his first taste of the entertainment industry when he started DJing at age 14. By college, he’d saved up enough money to …

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Just Baked: Cupcake Shop Finds Sweet Success in Detroit

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of posts profiling businesses located in depressed or troubled communities. We’ll be spotlighting businesses in other areas in coming weeks. If …

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Champion Kayaker “EJ” Jackson on Personal And Professional Success

Jackson Kayak is an internationally-known manufacturer of whitewater kayaks that was started in 2003 in Rock Island, Tenn. by co-founders Tony Lunt and Eric “EJ” Jackson, a world champion freestyle …

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Wedding Photographer Clicks with People and Their Pets

Mischa Purcell is an in-demand wedding photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Over the past few years, he’s been fortunate enough to be flown to the Outer Banks in …

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Finding the Good Through GoodGuide

Is the sunscreen you’re slathering on your child made with potentially toxic chemicals? Was your lipstick tested on animals? Were the factory workers who made your cell phone treated well? …

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