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About Laura Messerschmitt

Laura Messerschmitt is a Senior Marketing Manager at Intuit. Her favorite part of the job is visiting small businesses to learn about what’s helping them succeed. Laura has traveled to over 75 countries. She loves spending time with her family, reading, and racing dragon boats.
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Who Should You Hire First? [VIDEO]

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Debunking Hiring Myths [VIDEO]

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Seven Signs It’s Time to Hire [VIDEO]

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Solo Shop No More: Making the Hiring Leap [VIDEO]

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Payroll by Gender: Who Makes More Money?

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From Boardroom to Art Gallery: Dayle Dunn’s Second Act as a Small Business Owner

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The Accidental Contractor

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New Intuit Green Grants for Small Businesses


Home Office Tax Time Tips

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Intuit and Amazon, Working Together

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I joined Intuit’s Inner Circle

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Responding to your Feedback

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follow me home to the farm

What Is ‘Follow Me Home’?

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