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Joe Greek grew up in a family of small business owners in Tennessee. As nature dictated, he found himself writing for business and economic publications, including The Business Journal of Southern Kentucky and The Cumberland Business Journal.
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Austin Motel Offers Unique Stay For Guests And SXSW-Goers

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10 Self-Made American Entrepreneurs

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Author Liz Lynch On How To Build An Effective Online Networking Strategy

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Maria Luisa’s Boutique Expands Thanks to Love A Local Business Grant

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The Top 10 Songs About Business

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Egypt’s Shockwaves Hit Small Businesses in the States

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5 Ways to Bring in Retail Customers When It Snows

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How One Tennessee Small Business Owner Fought for His Beliefs

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Mac Accessories Business Puts Focus on Products, Not Marketing Gimmicks

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Breaking Up with a Bad Client

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8 Low-Cost Ways To Fight Shoplifting and Theft

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Top 5 CES Small Business Gadgets

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How to Eject a Bad Customer

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